Friday, December 9, 2011

{friday random-ness}

Does anybody else feel like they have a constant to-do list 100 items deep continually running in their head?

okay....because I do. and I know I bring this upon myself....but its the way I was made.

I need to-do lists for my to-do lists. and I'm okay with that because to be honest I work better under pressure and deadlines and (just a little) stress.  And really none of this real life business even compares to the stress of design school--which is where I learned the true power of caffeinated beverages.

(have you ever tried melting a candy cane in your coffee? I highly recommend it.  Been doing it all week and it's amazing.  Bob's candy canes from Wal Mart. go get yourself some. and enjoy your "Christmas in a cup".)

and also because I know not everything is going to get done in time, but that LIFE will always go on! Hallelujah! :)

Okay now that I have that off my head....lets chat Christmas! My favorite holiday of all!

I told you how we got snow on Monday....but did I tell you how much my little man LOVES the snow?

well he does...or maybe he was just excited to get some fresh air like his mommy!

I know my child needs some proper wellies for the snow....don't worry we didn't stay out long! :)

you better believe I documented every second of his first real snow fall-- this stuff melted about an hour after we took these pictures....

he is such a ham!

I've also been wanted to make some silhouette art for a LONG time but the process seemed daunting- turns out it's super-de-duper easy!

That reindeer silhouette was just leftover wrapping paper- I cut out and framed! Also very easy.

More easy-  I cut out letters from glitter paper (my new favorite obsession) and hung them on some of our fun!

and of course, you know my little cloche find got some glittery holiday love too!

I'd show you a picture of our Christmas tree- which I so lovingly put together but the bottom foot of it is all torn apart.  Cash has been helping me "re-arrange" if you know what I mean.  I always know he's been into the Christmas tree when I see silver glitter around his lips and on his little hands from him attempting to fit the Christmas bulb (don't worry they are plastic....did you know plastic bulbs actually BOUNCE! uh hello new bouncing bulb ball!)  into his mouth.

Okay-- enough rambling from me! How's your holiday decorating coming? are you done yet?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend- ours will be busy getting ready for our trip home next week!


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