Thursday, December 8, 2011

{designer love: John Derian}

Okay. So I realize everybody already knows about John Derian.

Tar-jay sort of made him go from famous to uber famous.

But even so, I'm still sort of in love with his eclectic whimsical style....I've been thinking I really need to get started on my JD plate collection. Thank goodness for Ebay- I may just be in luck, I've been doing some lusting...

I definitely want the horse-alphabet-bird-fern leaf-orange slice-lotus flower...

lemon slice- zinnia flower-coral- silhouette face- pineapple-cake- and egg platter.

Hope you all are having a great Thursday!

*Update on my dad- luckily no major damage, no broke bones- doc's calling it "like a sprain" injury! His foot is swollen but they found a pulse and have it in a compression sleeve.  His cowboy boot (thank you tony lama) saved his foot and his quick thinking (he jammed a shovel into the auger to burn off the belts) and luck (the lady who lived on the property just so happened to hear him yelling "help" from a block and half away)  all were miracles- God was definitely looking out for him that night. 

Thanks for all your prayers!

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