Wednesday, December 21, 2011

{countdown to christmas: glitter}

Yesterday I confessed my love of Buffalo I figured I'd keep my "countdown to Christmas" series going.  Everyday this week I'm featuring some of my favorite classic Christmas decorating accents. 

Today is know glitter doesn't have to be just for Christmas anymore.  Glitter is good all year long! I'm so not kidding.

 Glitter for LIFE.... Would you like to join the club with me?

via pinterest

It just so happens that the number of glittered objects in my house multiplies during Christmas time...which reminds me how much I really love glitter even if I'm constantly vacuuming up the stuff.  I easily forgive.

here is some glittery goodness that is inspiring me today...

love the abstract shape and subtle sparkle of these Martha Stewart book page trees, so pretty!

I think I need a scalloped glittery banner....available on 

Nothing says "Christmas" like a pair of glittery reindeer...I need these asap.

I would love to do a DIY "dream" banner like the one in this room with glitter scrapbook paper....when I find some free time that is...

Not only do they make glittery scrapbook paper...but they also now make glitter WALLPAPER. shut the front door.  I'm thinking I really need a sparkly glittery closet some awesome would that be?

Last but not least....for all those holiday parties, you can't forget to put a little glitter on yourself with this sparkly sequin number.  I see pairing this will a simple black blazer and some cute pumps.

I hope that inspired y'all to put a little glitter in your life, it will do wonders for your spirit! ;)

Happy Wednesday!


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