Saturday, December 24, 2011

{countdown to christmas: book pages}

Merry Christmas Eve!
I normally don't post on the weekends- but since I was gone most of last week and Monday of this week I couldn't resist.  Plus, I need to finish up my "countdown to Christmas" go-to holiday decor. 

Today is Book Pages, yes, I'm sure you all are rolling your eyes wondering if I've gone off the deep end.

But I promise I have not....

Book Pages add texture are super CHEAP (woohoo!) and can easily be used in various ways....

Hope this post inspires some of you to think differently about those old books you have laying around your house....sheet music or dictionaries work great too! I sure had fun thinking up this week's "Countdown to Christmas" holiday decor, there's just something so special about decorating our homes for Christmas! 

In case you missed the rest of the week, here's a recap, click the links below:

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