Friday, December 30, 2011

{2011 recap}

The end of 2011- how could it be? It seems the older I get the quicker the years pass? Why is that?  I have to say it's been an amazing year watching our little baby boy grow into a little man with a big personality to boot. A year ago - I was quiting my job to become a stay at home momma, allowing my husband to take on a new job. I was thinking I'd go absolutely crazy staying home all day long...I'm a go-getter you see. So staying home by myself with a new baby seemed frightening and completely overwhelming to me, I was worried I'd be miserable. 

But I'm here, now. saying I haven't regreted that decision one bit.  Someone once said to me "You will never regret a day spent with your kids, But you will ALWAYS regret a day spent at work that you could have spent with your kids." I couldn't agree more.  Time passes so quickly...I'm so blessed to have gotten to spend the last year with my baby watching him, teaching him, comforting him, loving on him, and  ultimately learning from him how to be a great momma.  I will always look back on 2011 with such fond memories.

So anyways, I thought it'd be fun to go back through the year and share what all was happening here on the blog & with our little family. 


Our BIG move to Texas- Mr. Cattlebuyer's new job- meeting new Texas friends-new home- missing our old home


My mom came to visit us- still meeting new friends- new baby goats at our house- Cash is getting bigger and bigger every day- went to our new church for the 1st time- Grandpa passed away- still missing home terribly


Lots of visitors this month (Burkeys and Uncle Cole) - Cash turned 6 months old - missing home even more now


My Birthday and Easter fell on the same exact day- Start walking at the park every day- Days spent laying on the blanket in the front yard


Our trip back home for family pictures- wedding shower - Cash's Baptism- Texas is starting to feel like our new "home"


Summer mornings spent at the park- swinging in the front yard tree- evening walks with daddy at the bike trail- watering our lawn like crazy!


Our trip back to Nebraska for our friend's wedding- Less Park, More Air conditioning (Texas drought)- Cash experienced a pool for the first time- Attended the 4th of July Parade


we got married- need I say more? It was my favorite month by far.


Our niece Atleigh was born- Cash's 1st Birthday Party with our Texas friends- Trip to the Pumpkin Patch- Evening walks on the hike n' bike as a family


Cash's Rooster Halloween Costume was a hit- Trip back home to see family and celebrate Cash's Birthday with Family, Our Friends the Burkey's came to visit, Another trip to a different Pumpkin Patch


Grandma Sherri and Uncle Cole came to visit us for Thanksgiving- Our 2nd new niece Persephone was born! -1st snowfall- Enjoying the beautiful fall weather- Family Christmas Pictures-


Christmas Shopping- Christmas visit to see all our family- Christmas Eve Candle light service- Christmas morning opening gifts & eating cinnamon rolls

I cannot wait to see what 2012 holds for our little family...I have a feeling it's going to be a BIG year for us! :)

Happy Friday Friends!

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