Sunday, November 6, 2011

{technical difficulties}

Of course, right when I really NEED a good working computer ours {granted it is circa 2006, which is basically "vintage"} goes on the fritz and acts all crazy on me.

Sorry if you are waiting an email from me...I'm going to try and conquer my inbox this afternoon while the laptop is up and going....who knows when it'll go again! I also HAVE to order our wedding photos this afternoon so we can get them in time for the holidays! Yikes....meanwhile yesterday I only got the rosette necklaces and a couple of notebooks listed in my etsy shop. have you checked it out!? 

 I'm going to attempt to get more things listed today like I promised I would yesterday, this computer is making a liar out of me...not happy about that! but what can you do....

Here are a couple of the ruffled covered notebooks I listed:

Thanks for your patience...I seriously have the best blog readers ever. :)

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