Thursday, November 3, 2011

{gallery walls}

I'm obsessed with gallery walls these days....if you can't tell via my pinterest board.

Gallery walls are a great way to personalize your space, by adding your favorite family photos or artwork...or a combination of both.  There really are no rules, depending on what "look" you want to a achieve. 

This gallery wall shows an eclectic grouping of frames and canvas art can appear beautiful.  This is probably the easiest look to achieve because who doesn't have a random collection of picture frames....big, little, gold, silver, thick or thin, wood, white, black, you name it, it works in this grouping.  The spacing of this "eclectic" look is key....make sure there is a similar border of wall space around each frame!

Again, another fabulous grouping of artwork, but this time everything is framed. The various sizes of frames and style are united by the gold frames which are the predominate focus.  I love how the gold frames seem to really allow the black and white frames pop off the wall.

Another gorgeous wall of frames....I'm loving how low on the wall they hung the frames. If you don't have a collection of different frames, try hitting up an estate sale or consignment store, you can score some great frames for half the price of a department store!

Here's a more modern look....the frames are all pretty contemporary and simple, but again a collection of white and black paired with some unique black and white photography really harmonize this wall grouping.  Also notice none of these are hung they are all just leaning on the wall shelves....very cool.

And here's a way to combine both looks: an eclectic grouping of frames leaning on wall shelves, this look really makes a huge statement!

And for a very "clean" look: try making all the frames and mats the exact same.  White frames with thick white mats unify this grouping....this look is great if you really want to minimize the visual noise and allow the photography or artwork become the focal point.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on gallery walls....there are so many great resources out there now a days.  Do a google search and you will see for yourself.  But, if you have a big blank wall in your home, consider putting up a gallery wall! They are such a stylish way to display all your favorite artwork and photos all while adding unique personalization your space.

Hope you all are having a great week, I can't believe it's Thursday already....
I've been working hard on a couple new design boards and I plan on finally re-stocking my etsy shop this weekend!  So excited.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. I share your obsessions! Gallery walls really add so much interest to a room :)


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