Friday, November 18, 2011


It's Friday! Can I get an amen?!

I don't have anything too profound to share with you all, just a lot of random ramblings....

We attempted a Christmas card family picture by ourselves....uh, bad idea! I'm thinking we'll try again when our family comes next weekend, so we can have an actual person behind the camera! After 15 times we decided, to give up.  But Mr.Cattlebuyer took this of us, I sorta think it's my new favorite picture! Also, the cotton in the background...yea, it's not going to be there much longer. They are out stripping today, so bummed.

I had leftover white canvas from nugget's growth chart, so I decided to make it useful and made some pillows for our bed! And of course since I'm in love with the stripe trend, and don't have the patience to wait for actual stripe fabric to come in the mail, I painted my own stripes.  Super easy!

I also started my Christmas list....
I sorta hope Santa shops at Victoria's Secret for this stylish-not-frumpy looking hoodie:

I also found this on Pinterest, and I totally laughed out loud! This is so what my family tells me...I'm getting better with age though.
(pardon the language...)

Also, since I found a new mascara last week- I hit the jackpot and found a new lip stick I like...

"totally toffee" by maybelline.  It's a great everyday color. very natural looking, which is great for me.
it also doesn't have a stinky smell, which i like. cuz i'm particular like that.
now i'm inspired to try all Pioneer Woman's recommendations:

Okay, I gotta jet!  I'm bidding on ebay for a new pair of boots!
 Ebay seriously gives me heart palpitations....praying I win this bidding war, momma needs some new boots!

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  1. the pillow turned out great and I may have to steal your gift idea I am in love with that hoodie! I'd love it if you would add this to my blog party at


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