Friday, November 11, 2011

{friday random-ness}

Happy Friday Friends!

This week has been a doozy for us, our typical "schedule" is all off due to the time change, but slowly we are trying to get adjusted.  So here is a collection of random bits from this past week. 

I found this graphic somewhere on the WWW and saved it, but I forgot to save the source! Ugh, if you know who created this cutie, let me know!
I also found a new mascara (new to me anyways, maybe it's been around forever..?). I'm totally not a make-up kinda girl, I've never been taught how to even do my makeup, I just wing it! I actually didn't even wear makeup until my sophomore-junior year in high school girls actually came up to me and were like, don't wear makeup? HAHA. I had no clue everyone else was wearing it and I wasn't.... DOH! :) I was so clueless and apparently living under a rock, but my momma always preached that we were beautiful without makeup! She's a great momma like that...

Anyways, back to my new mascara love....I found this by Maybelline! And it works fabulous on my short, stick straight lashes (why does my husband have the pretty, long lashes? Guys don't even care about their lashes... i'm slightly jealous of his long lashes!) This stuff is cheap, and works great : consider me sold.

I also fell in love with this skirt only to find out it is on sale and doesn't come in my size. :( Why oh why can't I have and xs waist?

I'm still in love with black and white case you wondered.  I'm not in love with that tacky zebra stair runner though. Yikes!

Oh yes, I totally got our wedding pictures ordered from Erin Stoll Photography! I can't wait until they come in so I can start working on my gallery wall! :)

Overall, it's been a high-low week! Yesterday I had to go to Wal mart TWICE....I left a bag of groceries in that silly bag spinner thing! Ugh, I was so mad at myself, this is not the first time I've done it either....I have a very love-hate relationship with wal mart if you can't tell.    

Okay that is all the rambling I can do for one day. 
Have a great Friday, and very happy weekend!

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