Tuesday, November 22, 2011


 I'm totally not a huge fan of hunting....but I'm also not a huge fan of a large buck coming through my windshield. So I've learned to accept the sport of hunting, but I still really don't care for guns.

They just scare me.

Anyways, it seems hunting season has started and my facebook friends keep posting pictures of these dead carcasses (like I said, I really don't see anything beautiful or picture worthy in taking a picture with your "kill" but whatever!)

The thing I do sort of appreciate is antlers....they are sure making a comeback in the design world

Although, I like to view them more as a organic form of art.  I can appreciate the masculine character they can add to a space.

this is more my style, in antlers in the form of a clever curtian tie back...

or a natural gorgeous antler lamp perhaps...

I will say I can appreciate taxidermy only in beautiful and appropriate spaces...but not in our house. :)

But then again maybe I'm more into antler wallpaper...

Or in small doses, just a simple pair of mounted antlers in a dark masculine room.

What do you think? Are you on the antler trend these days? I'm curious...

Happy Tuesday Friends!

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