Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I love the end of  fashion "seasons" because it means all my favorite stores clearance all their last "seasons" fashion....
and if your like me and don't give a darn about "fashions" and "seasons" and just like to find cute stuff on sale it's totally a perfect time to go snag some amazing deals!

Like for example, when I just so happened to stumble into Beals and find an entire rack of "summer" dresses on sale at 75-85% off! Are you kidding me? They were practically giving dresses away!

Needless to say....I snagged two dresses, which I plan on wearing with cardi's this fall and I'm totally rockin' them now, even if they aren't in "season" if you know what I mean!

Here is one of them....

....I fell in love with the ruffle and button detail and the fact that it has pockets! I will probably pair this with some cowboy boots next time I wear it out n' about! Let me just say I left the store feeling like I had robbed them or something....it was a $40.00 dress I got for $7.00! Ah-mazing!

Pocket Dress: Beals
White cardi: Gap
Camel boots: Walmart
Silver bracelets +watch : an assortment of favorite stuff from my jewelry box :)
{i had on some cute dangly earrings but took them off right after church, before I took this picture...silly things hurt my ears horribly!}

Hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday!
Last but not least, of course I'm linking up with Lindsey again at The Pleated Poppy, go check out her awesome blog!


  1. Cute dress! I love deals like that and I wore a summer dress with a cardigan this week too. :) Visiting from The Pleated Poppy!

  2. i love this outfit! all of the colors work well together and it looks great on you! and i realllly love finding deals like that! clearance is my middle name. ;)

    sharde @ the style projects

  3. Super cute! Love dresses like that with cardis and boots...you are adorable in that outfit ;)


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