Tuesday, October 11, 2011

{peacock inspired guest bedroom}

I don't know if you have noticed but it seems "feathers" are everywhere these days....so for this fun guest bedroom, we were inspired by the beautiful colors found in peacock feathers.  We played up the blue/green color scheme and accented with gold and white.  We mixed some traditional pieces with a little modern to give the room a unique, geometric, mod vibe.  The room is of course centered around the bed which will be a beautiful grey upholstered hardboard with olive green bedding in a geometric curvilinear pattern.  Peaking out from underneath the bed will be the gorgeous area rug which has a hint of peacock feather patterning to it.  To contrast with some of the curvilinear lines we added some bold, graphic black and white horizontal accents with a pair of matching accent lamps and a cozy throw blanket for the arm chair.   The arm chair will be upholstered in a beautiful turquoise peacock blue to add a pop of color to the corner.  To add a little "bling"  and light to the room we used a gold sunburst mirror centered above the bed.  To complete the guest room we added some original watercolor artwork, and some bright and colorful peacock feather pillows along with a cutie accent stool to put by the arm chair. This room's subtle accents pull off the "feather" trend seamlessly and beautifully.

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