Monday, October 10, 2011

{k by keaton}

I've always loved Diane Keaton...she's such a great actress, and now she's a designer too?

Have y'all seen the new K by Keaton collection at Bed, Bath, and Beyond?
It's pretty fabulous...just like her movies...

My personal faves:

are these cutie plates...

and this stripe-y throw...

Diane's Philosophy:
"Remember driving by all those barns standing on the side of a country road. Remember the white washed wooden patina - each one an individual, but also an inherent part of the American landscape too. A simple life. My duvet collection offers the warm feeling of those great old barns, but most of all the dream of home, your home."

i love that.
i love simple.
i love her.

the end.

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