Monday, October 3, 2011

{interior design consultations}

In case you missed the exciting news I announced last month....

I am now offering interior design consultations where I advise and work with YOU to achieve your interior design goals.  I'm currently focusing on online consultations only, but if you happen to live locally we can schedule a visit in person. I will do very few of these consults each month so email as soon as possible if interested.

How it works:
Simply CONTACT ME. If you are interested in a design consultation just email me via the contact page at
You send me several photos of your space along with measurements of your room, your budget, pictures and dimensions of existing furniture you'd like to keep in the space (if there is anything), and a wish list of what you would like to see added or incorporated into the space and any inspiration photos you gravitate towards so I can get a sense of your personal style. You will need to communicate to me your goals and likes/dislikes, uses for the space, budget, etc. I will then give you a top to bottom design plan for you room which includes: selecting paint colors, artwork, accessories and furniture specifically with you in mind. You will then receive a final "vision" design board which includes a resource and shopping guide of accessible purchase suggestions for your new space. Also included will be additional written design guidance to help guide you with all your space selections.
I am currently offering two options:

1. “The Complete” Online Design Consultation

Includes a top-to-bottom design plan for your room:
•a Vision Design Board including a pin-pointing your personal design style
•a complete selection of furniture and room accessories and any additional design elements
•paint colors and/or wallpaper treatment
•Window treatment advice and guidance
•an online resource and shopping guide of accessible purchase suggestions
•additional written design guidance
•Simple DIY ideas and links (if requested)
•email access to my written design advice for redecorating your room,
•email access to have your design questions answered regarding your specific room

"The Complete" Online Design Consultation: $50.00 *

(The first 10 e-design consulations starting Oct. 1 will be at this low introductary rate!)

2. Single-question Design Advice

"What would {Lesley} do if this where her space?"
Maybe you have most of your room put together but still have a few loose ends you need help and guidance with! I will give you my guidance/advice/opinion on a single design question. This will be based on your photograph and your detailed question. For example: This option is useful in picking room colors, discovering pillows to revitalize a couch, or finding a piece of furniture for a problem spot. If applicable to your question, accessible resources for a single item will be included. This is not for general design advice for a room.
This option can also be selected to add resourcing of individual items to an Email Consultation.

Single-question Design Advice: $5 per question *

For all services, please provide me with:
•Photos of all sides of your room
•Measurements and window/door placement information
•Visual examples of inspiration rooms, spaces, styles, and colors that you love.
•Furniture that will stay in the room, a photograph of each item, and their measurements

•Your budget goals
I will communicate with you via email{} throughout the entire design process.

Of course I'd love to thank my amazing husband and all my family and friends who have supported me and encouraged me to pursue my passion.  I cannot wait to get started helping others create the rooms of their dreams!

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