Sunday, October 30, 2011

{free fonts}

As you can see...I've been playing around with my header....again. it's only like the 10th time in the past year!
i can't leave well enough alone.

I'm definitely not graphic designer...but i really do like this new header- I may actually keep it for longer than just a few months. maybe... :)

and, I'm admitting now my new realization:

I'm sorta a font snob.

nothing makes me happier than a pretty font. 

 here are some pretty {free} ones I found online...most of these are from!

go download a new font....they are so easy to install and believe me, they will brighten your day and make writing so much more fun! You may even decide to re-design your whole blog page...if you are {odd} like me! :)

Happy Sunday Loves!


1 comment:

  1. Also check out to download thousands of Free Fonts for Windows and Mac OS in native form.


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