Friday, October 7, 2011

{design board: formal living room}

I love introducing new color palates to people.  One of the hottest color palates this year is mustard yellow and grey.  I was inspired to base the entire room around the gorgeous anthropolgie area rug featuring these two popular colors.  I then added a timeless white ikea sofa and paired it with two comfy plush arm chairs which will be upholstered in the fun grey and white fabric in the upper right corner.  To contrast with some of the "floral" details in the rugs and upholstery I brought in two more "industrial" style tables.  The metal side tables for beside the sofa and the awesome restoration hardware coffee table on casters  that I absolutely adore! To accent the room, I added a fun "keep calm" poster for the walls and some more fun accent pillows in greys and whites.  As for lighting there are huge windows in the space so the room is nearly completely flooded with light during the days but at night I added some gorgeous glass urn lamps for accent lighting.  This formal living room is welcoming for the whole family and not too "stuffy" to scare people off from ever using it.  It's functional and beautiful....what more could you want?

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