Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Just so my friends and family who read my little blog don't think I'm crazy and vain taking pictures of myself....I'm linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy.  You can see for yourself, hundreds of other women link up every week as well!  And let me just say there is some seriously stylish ladies out there!

I was inspired by the color combination of pairing black + camel.  

Apparently mixing black and brown is no longer a no-no...and I love it! I'm so glad that rule went out the window.

black shirt: target
skinnies: target
camel booties: target
ribbon necklace: made by me
boyfriend watch: dillards
my crazy hair: lil blue boo curly hair tutorial...usually it turns out better than this, it got a little frizzy this time! whoops!

Did you notice my new necklace?
I originally planned on doing a little tutorial on it, but completely ran out of time and I figured it's simple enough to explain!

I just took 5 acrylic crystals and stitched them onto a piece of grosgrain ribbon with matching thread.  Then to give it a little extra I tied two 3" pieces of satin ribbon in double knots (one over the other), and lightly melted the edges of the ribbon ends through the heat of a flame to eliminate fraying.   I simply tied the necklace in a bow in the back...although you could attach a clasp if you prefer!

That's it...I told you it was easy! :)

Thanks for visiting me this week...come see me again tomorrow.
Hope you all have a very happy Wednesday!

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  1. very cute blog and outfit! i'm following along now :)


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