Monday, September 12, 2011

{living room remodel}

Sometimes everyone needs a fresh start...a clean sweep. 

This living room design board is just that for the young couple with a growing family with ever changing needs.  The main furniture is slightly modern with a touch of classic elegance. The mixture of textures is what makes the neutral color palate interesting to the eye.  The contemporary clean lined linen sofa is paired with a set of more masculine, dark leather wing back chairs.  The main hallway wall will feature a set of three leaning metal book stands which house family photos and a collection of books.  Touches of rustic, autumn colors will pop up throughout the room in the artwork and textiles.  The mustard yellow floral rug will add a pop of color to the otherwise fairly neutral room.  In addition to the rug, the Audubon artwork will also add some color to the walls.  The metallic silver frames, lamps, and accessories will add the perfect touch of "sparkle" to the room.  This living room is great because of it's neutral color palate, the family can change out the accent colors easily as their style and needs change over the years.   

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