Sunday, September 4, 2011

{11 months}

Happy 11 months to my little pride and joy....I don't see how it could be that we are less than a month away now from your 1st birthday.  It seems as though, I were just in the hospital craddling my new nugget and now you are your own little person, bouncing around, waddling, getting into everything, giggling, smiling, wrapping us more and more around your little finger...we are so in love with you.

You grow more and more every are about 25lbs and you have an entire head full of strawberry blonde hair.  We love to run our fingers through your baby soft locks....we have even started discussing where we will take you to get your first hair cut because in a few months you will need it! Over the past year we have found your special ticklish spots, your neck, inside of your thighs, and your feet.   You love when we get your "tickle bugs" and you squirm and giggle then smile and wait for us to do it all over again.  You love to pull your little "piggies" up to your mouth and occasionally you will be sucking on them! You still have only 6 teeth, but that doesn't stop you from eating most anything....even the occasional dead bug ( I dug the first one, I'm sure not the last, out of your mouth this week!)  Your favorite foods are enchiladas, mashed potatoes, waffles, jello, pears, bananas, and plums.  You are good little eater.....we even started giving you little bits of real Vitamin D milk in your diet.  You seem to not mind it at all.  You still don't care too much for juice, you usually spit it out after you realize it isn't your milk.  Sometimes we can get you to drink a little bit.  Grandma Rhonda loves to tell stores of how much your mommy drank apple juice, You'll have to ask her someday.

Your favorite activites are hide-n-seak, book reading, exploring the house, pushing your shopping cart, and chewing on anything and everything you can put in your mouth.   You love when me or daddy "hide" and try to catch squeal and waddle away from us as fast as your little body will go! You love when we read you books in the rocking chair, but sometimes we will find you "reading" your own books, blabing away with each flip of the page.  That always makes us smile really big, we are so proud of the little man you have become! You are still really big into pulling things out but just recently you've starting putting things into things like you put mommy's shoes into the kitchen drawer one day, and sometimes we find your toys hiding in mommy's baskets.  And of course, you still love exploring the house, you open doors, cupboards, drawers, you name it.  You especially love sneaking into mommy's "sewing room" you just stand there and look around because you know you aren't supposed to be in there!

You are becoming so smart! Little things show us how your brain is developing.  Like just recently you started pointing at people, things, objects.  You point at strangers you see on the hike n bike, or dogs we run into, or even the other day you pointed at yourself in the mirror!  You like it when we point back at you and then our little finger tips touch each other.   Other things like one day I caught you with one of your safety q-tips in your hand and you were putting it up to your ear! It amazing me how your little mind knows that that is how we use them! You also love to wrip up toliet paper, and a few weeks ago, I caught you putting your wriped up pieces into the toliet! You are such a little sponge!

You love your bath time now more than ever.  You are such a little water bug, you will play and play until your water gets too cold and your feet get all wrinkle-y.  You love to splash, and put your bath toys into your mouth.  If daddy is bathing you, he always gives you a funny hair-do when you are out of your bath.  He especially likes to spike it and give you a mohawk!

Just this month we had a very special celebration: mommy and daddy got married! You were the star of the show all weekend.   I can't even imagine being married and now having you in our lives! I know someday you will ask us why we weren't married before we had you, and we will explain it all to you as best as we can.  But I hope you always know how special you are. God created you at his perfect time for our lives, he brought you into this world and gave you to us and that is a miracle I will never take forgranted no matter what order he gave you to us in, all that matters is you are ours and we are yours.

Cash, I know right now you have no idea that I am even journaling each month of your first year of life, but I hope someday you get joy out of reading these words I write.  You are our precious first born son, and we truely adore you with every ounce of our being.  There are no words to describe the love we have for you, you mean the world to us and there isn't a single day that either daddy or I don't say how lucky we are to have your darling little self in our lives.  You fill up our minutes, our days, our weeks, our months, and now almost your first year life has been completed- and to say you consume our lives and our world revolves around you would be an understatement.  Daddy and I love every single breath that we have to give.  We cannot wait to see you continue to transform into the little man God wants you to be.  We love you Cash Austin!

Love forever and always,

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