Tuesday, August 9, 2011

{10 months}

Happy 10 months to you Nugget!

We just can't even believe you are now into the double digit months.....your first year of life is literally flying by.  You have grown and changed into such a handsome, sweet, little guy....we feel like the luckiest parents in the whole world to call you our own.  It's amazing to watch you transform into a little person, when it seems like just yesterday you were my newborn.

You have reached some major milestones in the past month: like eating solid foods and WALKING! You took your very first steps on July 20th, at 9 months old!!) We couldn't believe it, when you took off on your own, now you do it all the time! You take about 10 steps and then plop down on your bottom....and usually we are there clapping, cheering you on to get back up and do it again! You love it....and so do we! You still crawl to get places....nothing stops you. 

We've been busy bee's this summer.  We celebrated the 4th of July with all our Church friends.  You always get lots of extra love when you are around them! Then, we went back to Nebraska in July for our friends wedding and you came with us (of course!) you got lots of  fun time at Grandma Sherri's house, she took you to around town and took you to the swimming pool for the first time.  You loved the pool water....it was kind of like a big bathtub, and we know how much you love your tubbies!

You have 6 teeth total: 4 on top, and 2 on the bottom.  We think you may be working on a few more though, because you've been not sleeping as well at night as you usually do.  Lately, you love being rocked, and I love that.  I miss those days when you'd curl up in a little ball and I could rock you to sleep.  Now you take up almost my entire lap, but I love it all the same! I hope you never get too big to come rock with me....I need at least 5 or 6 more years :)

You've been eating more and more solid food every day.  You definitely have your favorites....as in, you do not like vegetables. at all.  Your favorites are still anything sweet (haha, you got your momma's sweet tooth!) fruit and cereal are your #1 picks.  You usually beg for us to give you whatever we eat for supper so you usually get a little of that as well.  You weight about 24 lbs now....you are still pretty big for your age.  We usually always get the response "he's a big boy" from strangers when we tell them how old you are :)

Your favorite activities are pulling out all your toys from your toy box and pulling out all mommy's pots/pans/tupperware from the kitchen cupboards.  You love making messes, and we've gotten pretty used to cleaning up after you! :)  You also love pushing anything to see how far you can push it until you run into a "road block" , then you get very frustrated and upset so mommy has to help you.  You love being able to stand up vertical because you get to reach more things.  We've had to put up more stuff to keep it out of your reach! You love chewing on the remotes and pretty much anything you can fit into your mouth ( again we've had to be VERY careful with what we leave out).  You love to read books with mommy and press anything that has buttons on it.  You are very active now so we spend most of our days chasing you around, which we secretly love! :)

You especially love mommy's vacuum cleaner, boxes, and daddy's spinning computer chair.  Pretty much you love anything that isn't a toy right now :)  Although, you do like your toys too but not as much as non-toy things!

We've been going on walks two times a day, once in the morning with mommy at the park and once in the evening with mommy and daddy on the trails.  You LOVE walks.  You love looking at the world.  You especially love little kids, you just stare at them until we pass then you tip your head around your stroller and look behind it because you are totally fascinated by them! We get a lot of "cute baby" comments when we go on walks....(we secretly love that because we believe you are pretty cute too! ;) )

Your only words are "dada" and "mama" although you say dada way more than you say mama! Maybe you have already picked a favorite?! Or maybe that's just because we always talk about daddy while he is at work! :) You love to make silly sounds with your lips and will mimic anything we do.  You are such a little sponge, its unbelievable to see you pick up on things.  It seems every day you learn something new! My favorite is when you "sing", if you hear music or if mommy sings you a song, you will sing back! It's pretty cute!

You love going with daddy to do little chores at night....if he leaves without you, you get very upset.  You always greet daddy with a BIG smile when he gets home from work and usually you toddle over to him to give him a big slobbery face "kiss".   You sure do love your daddy!

We love you more than anything in the whole world.  You are so special to us Cash Austin, we just can't believe how lucky we are that we got YOU.  We definitely feel like the luckiest parents in the world.  Thank you for opening our eyes to see the little things in life.  Daddy and I have learned more from you than we could have ever learned on our own.  You have given us the most important "job" we will ever have in this lifetime of ours.  We love you sweet boy.

forever and always,

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