Wednesday, July 6, 2011

{wiww} week 20

In the spirit of this patriotic week, I'm posting my 4th of July attire...

 Nothin' says 'God Bless America' quite like red, white, and blue :) What is it about becoming a parent that makes all the holidays that much more special and I suddenly feel the need to make a point to wear those three symbolic colors and prance around with flags waving,  hummin' Martina McBride's Independence Day? 

 I also felt the need to drag the family to the 4th of July Dairy was a huge success: Mr.Cattlebuyer and I ended up with sweaty, sticky clothes, severly parched from the heat, and plenty of pictures of Nugget at his 1st Independence Day Parade (he loved it...and of course that was ALL that mattered!)!

{taking it all in...}

{you know you are in Texas when you see this....}

{big man in a little semi}

{my personal favorite....the cute old men in their classic cars cruizin' in the parade with their flags wavin'! }

We celebrated {sans fireworks} due to our severe drought conditions here in West Texas....but that doesn't mean there wasn't plenty of patriotism

dress: f21
red flats: payless
red peony pin: my shop
freshwater pearl necklaces: me

Hope you are having a great Holiday week!
Come see me again next week for more summer-y fashion inspiration! :)


  1. Love the outfit!! If that's you as a sweaty mess...then I don't know what!! Your little man is SO cute!

  2. Fun! We didn't have a parade, I miss those from when I was growing up... the old cars are always my fav, too. Love the navy and white combo... though I didn't get pictures of myself this week, I wore a navy dress. :-)

  3. We LOVE parades and your dress was just perfect! LOVE it!!

  4. cute outfit! very cute baby!

  5. Love the dress! No fireworks here either...too dry!

  6. Looks like a fun 4th! LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress! I miss my F21!!! The red flower looks perfect with it!

  7. Cute outfit! I grew up in the panhandle (Hereford) and love our town's parade. You definitely see some interesting sights! :)

  8. cute cute cute outfit!
    i have a similar dress, but yours is so much cuter :] i love the flower you pinned on it! i'd love to feature your etsy shop on my blog sometime and perhaps do a giveaway...if you're interested please email

    AlphabetSoup Style


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