Thursday, June 16, 2011


I don't know about you...but I might actually like to cook if I had a kitchen like this :

This is different than any kitchen I've ever seen before! I love how they broke up the typical kitchen "island" into two square units.  Sometimes those big islands...while beautiful, are not practical....{how do you really use all that wasted square footage in the middle of the island, not to mention the outrageous price tag for a slab of stone to fit a large island}! Finding a piece of granite or marble that large would cost a fortune, whereas, finding 2 smaller slabs would be more affordable. 

Notice the table unit is on casters?! You could move that baby if it ever gets in the it!

The parallel drum shades are fabulous, as well as the white milk glass on the crisp open shelving! The oven hood is clearly the focal point of this kitchen but those wood paneled walls are the perfect backdrop for this amazing kitchen!   

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