Wednesday, June 8, 2011


mixin' it up this week, since i'm guilty of rockin' my stay at home momma: wet bun, tank top, shorts, and flip flop summer look.  Which is unfortunatly totally not cute, and not exactly "stylish" if ya' know what I mean! :)

so here's {what I wish I wore} thanks to my new polyvore/pinterest obsession:

and my Judith March obsession:

and just to prove to you I haven't entirely given up WIWW
 here's a "real" life picture from my nugget's baptism last week :)

{that's my sister and brother-in-law on the left, they are expecting a  BABY GIRL in September!}


  1. Great picks! What a cute family picture, your little guy is so cute!


  2. I love that white smocked waist blouse! Where is it from? :)


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