Friday, June 24, 2011


I'm realizing as nugget gets bigger and bigger, the issue of toys also becomes more and more of an issue.  These toys are consuming our living room?! I'm sure this is something most parents deal with...I'm just now realizing {8 months into parenthood} that toys really can become overwhelming.  I think Chance and I have only bought him one "toy" and it wasn't even really a toy....remember Sophie girl?!

Nugget is only 8 months old and he can have the entire living room covered in his "toys" in about 1 second flat.  He's really big into pulling everything out of his toy box or out of baskets....which I love....but he creates a constant mess for his mommy.  I can deal with a long as my baby is happily entertained. But I'm thinking perhaps there is a reason why parents create a designated "toy room" in their homes.  :)

Someday when we have more toys than we know what to do with, we will have to invest in a pretty toy room like this one:

Doesn't this just look inviting?! I love big over sized sofa and the fuzzy shag rug.  But, most of all I adore that hu-mun-go canvas! I must re-create that someday.....  This room seems like a place where both parents and kids can have a great time!

Hope y'all have fun weekend planned....
We are off to the rodeo tonight...yeeehaw! ;)

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