Saturday, June 11, 2011


I bet y'all think I went back on "vacation" with my lack of blogging lately.  I've been in a bit of a pickle.  I have a to-do list a mile long of stuff we need to complete before our wedding....ya' know all the little details that are going to make it special and unique and the most amazing day of our lives.  Probably all the little things that no one will notice except me and maybe my mother?! All the little details that at times make me want to pull out my hair and throw my hands in the air in anguish.  :)

I've just decided to take on the perspective of "it's all good. go with the flow. take 5 minutes to pick something and just go with it, stop questioning my decisions and what people are going to think. and just do what WE want to do. don't sweat the small stuff" so far it's working pretty's just SOOOO hard not to get overwhelmed by all the amazing ideas out there for decorations, and centerpieces, and flowers, and hair do's, and stationary...ect.  It's hard for someone like me to just make a decision and go with it, when i can't stop gathering ideas because there is always that little thought in the back of my head thinking, well maybe there is something "better" out there.  ugh. i love wedding planning, but BOY is it alot of work.  now i know why people make a living off of being a "wedding planner."

I suppose it also complicates the situation because we are dealing with a TIGHT budget, distance (we live 12 hours away) which makes communication and timing tricky, and our overwhelming indecisiveness, and by our I mean me.  Chance usually just says "yea, uh huh. i like it babe." :)

Anyways, now that i've shared why I haven't been blogging much because my mind has been on overdrive thinking about all the small time consuming details of our wedding. I will stop making excuses and just do a random post!  Oh did I mention...we also haven't had air conditioning all week {the one week we've had a consecutive triple digit heat wave every. single. day.}....they've been here 3 times in the past week and they still haven't fixed it?! haha. okay okay, i promised no more excuses but you can imagine for yourselves....cranky teething baby + over heated momma = major disaster :)

This weekend we are relaxing in our 90 degree house with the fans blowing our brains out.... and all I keep imagining is our honeymoon, being on a beach with a cold drink in my hand, laying next to my husband! {trying to keep positive thoughts running through my sweaty head} by the way, we don't have a beach honeymoon planned at all, but a girl can dream right!?

i'd probably be wearing this little lady from anthropology:

cute huh?! :)

Thanks for listening bloggy friends (if you even made it to the end of this horrible post)
I promise more good fun to read blog stuff will be coming....and if you all would say a prayer our AC get's fixed on Monday I'd sure appreciate it! :)

Hope you all have a relaxing weekend!

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