Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{love-y love}

Random Tuesday, since my brain is too tired to think today I'm just posting things I'm currently loving.

these ruffle-ly bed sheets from anthropology make me smile.

I adore these book shelves...saving this idea for Cash's room.

Can I please someday live in an old house with a built in bed? :)

Stole this image from Jones Design Company....I'm printing it off because lately I've needed this reminder.

adorable and simple pearl necklace....need to make me one asap!

Can someone tell me when Lindsey is going to make some more bloom belts?! These things are RIDICULOUSLY cute!

How's that for RANDOM?! :) Hope y'all are having a great day, we got our air conditioner fixed today! Thank the Lord, I did a happy dance!

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