Tuesday, June 7, 2011


It's official.

I'm obsessed with Jones Design Company.

I'm addicted.

Along with about a million other people.
 I'm so happy I found {via fabulous k} her over 2 years ago when I started
blogging.  She didn't have many "followers" then, but her style was just as impectable as it is today.

Here is her dining room...I'm lusting over. Nothing I would change about it.
I love all the beautiful neutrals working together with pops of green and black accents.
The chandy is drop dead gorgeous. and the table scape is a perfect balance of relaxed elegance.

The one thing I've always been drawn towards is this print.
I wondered where she got it..?!

that was. until I thought well duh, I could make a "look-a-like".
it's just gray circles right?!

{all images found via JonesDesignCompany.com}

Come visit tomorrow and see my JDC "look-a-like" print!

Happy Tuesday Friends!

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