Friday, June 24, 2011

{design boards}

Remember when I told you I'm going to start some new goals for myself?!

Well, one of them was to start collecting a series of design boards for my own inspiration and future portfolio.  I think it's important for me to keep my "design" brain while taking a break from the "design" world.  I think it's easy when you take a break from the designer's world to get out of the design mentality and trends. However, I actually feel closer to the design world now than I did in design school?
 Riddle me that!

I think in school I got so caught up in the rigamarole of college deadlines and rules {and trying to please my professors} that I forgot to really open my eyes to see all that incompases the design world outside of school!  Anyways, I may not be able to recite to you all the safety codes or write with precise architectural lettering {such a waste of time} but I can surely put together a pretty design board...if I do say so myself ;)

(btw, the safety codes are important, but that's why they put them in reference books! God blessed you if you can remember all those!) :)

Anyways, this is design board no.1 for my portfolio of inspiration. 
I hope you enjoy!

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