Monday, June 13, 2011

{8 months}

8 months ago,
I had no idea what having your heart and soul walk about outside your body felt like.
I had no idea how overwelmingly proud I would feel to say to strangers..."he is mine."
I had no idea how it would change every single aspect of my day.
I had no idea how one little person could completely and utterly rock our world in a very big way.
I had no idea how protective I would be.
I had no idea how I would function on so very little sleep.
I had no idea how to balance life while trying to be the best mom to him.
I had no idea how demanding such a little creature of God could be.
I had no idea how to find peace. and confidence. and the ability to trust my "motherly instints"

But he has given me answers to all those doubts I had before.

He has taught me more about myself then I ever thought possible thanks to God.

I am a mom.....thanks to you. and I am so grateful. There is no greater responsibility I will have than to be a mother to you.


I knew I could do it, I just had a lot of doubt and fear.  One of the greatest things someone has told me about motherhood is that, when you become a momma, you have it all. you have what it takes to be the best.....even if you make a few mistakes along the way, God has given you all the gifts you need to be an amazing mother.

Cash Austin, you are our greatest joy in life.  To say our lives "revolve around you" would be an consume most aspects of our life and we still have many fears for you, but we know that with God's help he will guide us through this crazy big confusing world called parenthood.

You are 8 months old, and I've already started planning for your 1st birthday party.....all the while, trying to enjoy every second of this month because I know this time too soon shall pass quicker than the last, and I will longingly want this special time back with you.  You are getting more independent by the day, you "explore" the entire house all by yourself.  You love discovering new things like, turning on the facet in the bathtub, opening the kitchen drawers to find new "toys", or unrolling the toliet paper until there is nothing left on the cardboard roll.  You climb, scoot, lunge, get up on your tip toes, and crawl to get to just about anything and everything you are interested in.  We have completely baby-proofed the house, putting away breakables, covering outlets, closing off doors. 

You love to be outside, we still go on daily walks to the park.  Typically you fall fast asleep in the stroller but sometimes you are awake watching the birds fly overhead or watching the tree branches sway in the wind.  You also go outside with daddy to turn on the sprinklers....if he "forgets" you, you instantly crawl to the front door and bang on it, waiting for him to come back and get you.  You and Daddy also visit the goats in the barn, Daddy can't wait until you are older so he can teach you all he knows about animals. 

You are eating more and more everyday.  We've found that you don't really care for babyfood, you like the real food that mommy and daddy eat.  Your most favorite fruit right now is can eat almost half a banana all by yourself.  We've also been giving you in your mesh feeder, strawberries, grapes, and melon.  You make a mess whenever you eat, so we usually let you eat in just your diaper with a bib.  Then we have to bathe you because you get filthy! We bathe you every other day now,  you still like your baths....sucking on the washcloth, playing with your tubby toys, or banging the plastic bowl against the edge of the tub. 

You have always smiled with your whole face....but now you do something even cuter.  You've learned how to wrinkle your nose and tilt your head while's the cutest thing ever.  We love it.  You always smile at strangers and you love to be tickled and played with.  Your favorite game is peek-a-boo and catch.  You love it when we "chase" you down the hallway.  You also love to be read books, you help turn the pages and you love to touch everything on the page.  You also adore chasing after your balls, you roll them all across the living room, going after them when they stop at their new are learning how to entertian yourself. 

You've taken a new liking to your crib.  Usually mommy or daddy still have to rock you to sleep with a bottle, but lately we've been able to just lay you down and you fall right to sleep.  You also are picking up on little things like you know when you go down the stairs you have to turn around and go down backwards, you also are learning the words "yes" and "no". 

You talk to us all the time.  You usually say "Dada"....sometimes you say "Mama" but Dada is more commonly heard.  You love to "sing" when you hear music from the tv or your toys that make sounds.  We love when you get excited and start bouncing your hands up and down talking with coos.  You have such an easy going fun personality.  I hope it always stays that way! You love everyone you see, and you especially love little kids.  You chased your cousin, Evan, around when we were back following whereever he went because you were just mesmerized by him! :) You also love the little kids you see at the nursery at church.

We are guessing you way 23-24 lbs. and you are getting longer and stronger by the day.  You will get another check-up next month when you are 9 months old.  We are so greatful you are such a healthy and strong baby. 

You have blessed our lives in so many ways, we love you to pieces.  You are our whole world and we will always be here for you as we try to help you navigate through this crazy world we live in.  I pray for you every night that God keeps you safe and healthy and protected.  I pray that he touches your heart just as he has touched and changed mine.  We love you Cash Austin, thanks for making us the proudest parents.

Love you forever and always,

You love to

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