Wednesday, June 29, 2011

{wiww + room inspiration} week 19

Just gonna be real.
I'm not good at this whole summer style thing....I'm way to comfortable slipping on my Nike's, shorts, tank top, with my hair in a wet bun.  After all, who really wants to blow dry their hair just to go to the park or the post office?!

Plus, if I skip the blow drying, that means we get to the park faster, earlier, and we get to stay LONGER!

Totally a win-win. except my style major-ly looses....thus, my beloved fishtail braid comes to the rescue! :)

Tulle Dress: Target
Black Cowboy Boots: Cavenders
Rhinestone Leather Cuff Bracelet: me
Pearl drop earrings: Cowgirl Cottage

This "look" is fast, easy, light-weight, and totally comfortable which equals a perfect combination for summer attire :)

Okay. This isn't my best room inspiration, it's more like furniture inspiration this week....but check out this amazing desk!

Never underestimate the power of Tulle! :)

Also....have y'all tried Pioneer Woman's Iced coffee recipe?!  Oh. my. word. it's's seriously changed my mornings forever! :)  Totally, makes up for the fact that we live in a town without a s-bucks!
Thanks for stopping by this week friends, come see me again next week for more outfit inspiration!
Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011


{master bath suite}

The junxapositon of the old-world industrial brass and iron, with the chic shiny chrome and feminine lines of the ivory chaise and drapes really play off of each other to create a space both a man and woman would love to be in! I'm visually seeing the freestanding tub as the focal point in the bath room, with the paisley curtains framing a tall window behind it.  The gallery wall will be opposite the brass port-hole mirrors which will be above a recycled wood vanity with white porcelain sinks.  I'm envisioning glass, brass, and charcoal grey towels, and some fresh greenery to complete this luxurious bathroom! 

p.s. don't be afraid to mix metals....make sure you have equal amounts of both metals and you are good to go!

Hope y'all are having a great Tuesday! 
Don't forget to come see me tomorrow for WIWW! :) 

Friday, June 24, 2011

{design boards}

Remember when I told you I'm going to start some new goals for myself?!

Well, one of them was to start collecting a series of design boards for my own inspiration and future portfolio.  I think it's important for me to keep my "design" brain while taking a break from the "design" world.  I think it's easy when you take a break from the designer's world to get out of the design mentality and trends. However, I actually feel closer to the design world now than I did in design school?
 Riddle me that!

I think in school I got so caught up in the rigamarole of college deadlines and rules {and trying to please my professors} that I forgot to really open my eyes to see all that incompases the design world outside of school!  Anyways, I may not be able to recite to you all the safety codes or write with precise architectural lettering {such a waste of time} but I can surely put together a pretty design board...if I do say so myself ;)

(btw, the safety codes are important, but that's why they put them in reference books! God blessed you if you can remember all those!) :)

Anyways, this is design board no.1 for my portfolio of inspiration. 
I hope you enjoy!


I'm realizing as nugget gets bigger and bigger, the issue of toys also becomes more and more of an issue.  These toys are consuming our living room?! I'm sure this is something most parents deal with...I'm just now realizing {8 months into parenthood} that toys really can become overwhelming.  I think Chance and I have only bought him one "toy" and it wasn't even really a toy....remember Sophie girl?!

Nugget is only 8 months old and he can have the entire living room covered in his "toys" in about 1 second flat.  He's really big into pulling everything out of his toy box or out of baskets....which I love....but he creates a constant mess for his mommy.  I can deal with a long as my baby is happily entertained. But I'm thinking perhaps there is a reason why parents create a designated "toy room" in their homes.  :)

Someday when we have more toys than we know what to do with, we will have to invest in a pretty toy room like this one:

Doesn't this just look inviting?! I love big over sized sofa and the fuzzy shag rug.  But, most of all I adore that hu-mun-go canvas! I must re-create that someday.....  This room seems like a place where both parents and kids can have a great time!

Hope y'all have fun weekend planned....
We are off to the rodeo tonight...yeeehaw! ;)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

{oh happy day!}

my sweet lil' nugget's baby locks are getting so long...

so silly daddy tried rockin' a mohawk on him!

Can you see where my nugget get's his smile?! I think nugget likes mohawks :)

Hope this brings a smile to your faces....Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{wiww + room inspiration} week 18

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Nothing says "summer" more to me than white clothing! So, I broke out my white shorts this week dispite my love/hate relationship with them.  {Why is it whenever I wear these white shorts I always spill on myself?! } is my simple summer outfit:

Pink tee: Old Navy
White cuffed shorts: Express
Necklace: Cowgirl Cottage {mother's day gift :)}
Pink Wedges: Hand-me-down from my Mom, she said she couldn't walk in them...her loss is my gain! ;)
stud earrings: Dillards fabulous {bath} room inspiration:

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!
Come see me again next week! :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I think in my next life I will be a party planner....planning the most extravagant, elaborate parties ever using invisible money that I don't own :)

Nothin' I love more than planning a fun party for someone I love! I'm planning a super cute baby "sprinkling" for my older sister who is due with a baby girl in September! {right before nugget's 1st birthday!} We are having it next month when we are back in Nebraska! This is going to be the first GIRL in our family of boys....we each consider each other's babies as our own. Girls are few and far between {besides my own family...I have 2 sisters} but on both sides of my family I have only 2 girl cousins and 6 boy cousins?! My dad comes from a family of 4 boys. Humm....come to think of it, Chance's mom, Sherri, had 3 boys and Chance total has 5 girl cousins to 10 boy cousins!? That's a lot of boys folks.

Thus, all to say, I think I'm going to be blessed with a family of boys....but we shall see, either way I'm considering this special little girl my own :)

here are invites I designed for baby girl and Jenni .... we are calling it a "sprinkling" verses a "shower" because its going to be small and intimate with the focus on being together and not on gifts. :) 

I can't wait to show you all the details I have planned for the party!

p.s. don't forget to come see me tomorrow for wiww!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


For all the many years {basically since I was born based on the number of babies (aka. dolls) I had growing up and the embarrassingly old age I was when I finally gave up my "dolls"} I dreamt of being a mother, the hours I spent dreaming of their future names and what they'd look like, and the way we'd sign our christmas cards, and what clothes they'd wear.....I never dreamt in my wildest dreams I would have picked a better "mate" to be the father of my child.  Chance, you are the most amazing daddy in the whole world! This journey of parenthood is such a crazy wild ride, but when the hills get steep (aka this morning, when Cash puked up an entire bottle on our bed! Poor guy!) I'm so glad you are right by my side! Happy Father's Day, we love you soooo much!

And to my own father, (who doesn't have a computer...let alone internet) but I'm going to say it anyways.... I love you, Happy Father's Day!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday!

Friday, June 17, 2011


My senior year of college I was frantically throwing together my last semester of spring classes.  I didn't care what I took until my advisor told me that I had enough credits to get a minor in Art if I just added two "art" classes to my final semester.  Art minor?! Sure why not! How hard could it be? :)

I tried to get into a photography class, but got kicked out after the first day of class {didn't know I need pre-requisites!} So I opted for a drawing class and a printmaking class! I had noooo idea what the heck I was getting myself into.  The drawing class alone, nearly put me over the edge when I heard the words...."nude models"......WHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTT!?

They seriously do that?

totally weird, totally disgusted, totally not for me. one of thee weirdest experiences of my life, hands down.
Suddenly my "easy" art minor was sounding not so good.

I survived the "nude models" but am still traumatized to this day.
The printmaking class however took me by surprise! I actually enjoyed the act of "printing"...we did etchings, screen prints, and a few others that I don't remember {sorry professor jewel!}

If I had know that I was going to love printmaking as much as I did I might have tried linoleum prints, similar to these by Hugo Guinness! Aren't they quirky, whimsical, and fun?! I love them!

They keep popping up around blog-land and I can't ignore them anymore

my current favorite is this little guy:

This would be super cute in Cash's room!

If I can track down my college  "prints" I will take photo's so you all can see my stuff!
It' isn't near is good, but they are fun...and I even did a "tractor" themed print! Coincidence?! I think not. :)

Hope you all have a relaxing weekend!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I don't know about you...but I might actually like to cook if I had a kitchen like this :

This is different than any kitchen I've ever seen before! I love how they broke up the typical kitchen "island" into two square units.  Sometimes those big islands...while beautiful, are not practical....{how do you really use all that wasted square footage in the middle of the island, not to mention the outrageous price tag for a slab of stone to fit a large island}! Finding a piece of granite or marble that large would cost a fortune, whereas, finding 2 smaller slabs would be more affordable. 

Notice the table unit is on casters?! You could move that baby if it ever gets in the it!

The parallel drum shades are fabulous, as well as the white milk glass on the crisp open shelving! The oven hood is clearly the focal point of this kitchen but those wood paneled walls are the perfect backdrop for this amazing kitchen!   

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{wiww + diy} week 17

I'm back! :)

Sort of, this is by far my weakest attempt at a wiww....sorry friends.  Our AC has been broken since we've been home from vacation! And, of course, as my horrible luck would have it, its been ridiculously hot in West Texas since then!

So you can tell by this photo we've been living in a sauna....Sunday was the one day I put on something other than a tank top and shorts and snagged this {blah} picture of myself.

white cardi: gap
aqua ruffled tank: me
jeans: gap
camel boots: wal mart
amazonite bracelets: me
pearl studs: f21

the only thing i'm sort of proud of in the above picture is my diy ruffled tank:


I had leftover jersey fabric from prior projects, and Mr. Cattlebuyer had to work Saturday morning, so it was just nugget and I hanging out.  I was browsing through pinterest with coffee in hand and sure enough, I saw my inspiration and away I went! (that's one thing about creative people ....once we get inspiration, nothing stops us!) It was super easy...although I screwed up the first time, cutting the jersey fabric the wrong direction which resulted in a very small, tight, non-stretching tanktop.  Luckily the second cutting worked like a charm! :)

I added the ruffled jersey around the neck and I had myself a new shirt!  Obviously, I was so excited I wore it to church the next day! :)

Hope y'all have a wonderful Wednesday! Come back and see me again next week!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{love-y love}

Random Tuesday, since my brain is too tired to think today I'm just posting things I'm currently loving.

these ruffle-ly bed sheets from anthropology make me smile.

I adore these book shelves...saving this idea for Cash's room.

Can I please someday live in an old house with a built in bed? :)

Stole this image from Jones Design Company....I'm printing it off because lately I've needed this reminder.

adorable and simple pearl necklace....need to make me one asap!

Can someone tell me when Lindsey is going to make some more bloom belts?! These things are RIDICULOUSLY cute!

How's that for RANDOM?! :) Hope y'all are having a great day, we got our air conditioner fixed today! Thank the Lord, I did a happy dance!

Monday, June 13, 2011

{8 months}

8 months ago,
I had no idea what having your heart and soul walk about outside your body felt like.
I had no idea how overwelmingly proud I would feel to say to strangers..."he is mine."
I had no idea how it would change every single aspect of my day.
I had no idea how one little person could completely and utterly rock our world in a very big way.
I had no idea how protective I would be.
I had no idea how I would function on so very little sleep.
I had no idea how to balance life while trying to be the best mom to him.
I had no idea how demanding such a little creature of God could be.
I had no idea how to find peace. and confidence. and the ability to trust my "motherly instints"

But he has given me answers to all those doubts I had before.

He has taught me more about myself then I ever thought possible thanks to God.

I am a mom.....thanks to you. and I am so grateful. There is no greater responsibility I will have than to be a mother to you.


I knew I could do it, I just had a lot of doubt and fear.  One of the greatest things someone has told me about motherhood is that, when you become a momma, you have it all. you have what it takes to be the best.....even if you make a few mistakes along the way, God has given you all the gifts you need to be an amazing mother.

Cash Austin, you are our greatest joy in life.  To say our lives "revolve around you" would be an consume most aspects of our life and we still have many fears for you, but we know that with God's help he will guide us through this crazy big confusing world called parenthood.

You are 8 months old, and I've already started planning for your 1st birthday party.....all the while, trying to enjoy every second of this month because I know this time too soon shall pass quicker than the last, and I will longingly want this special time back with you.  You are getting more independent by the day, you "explore" the entire house all by yourself.  You love discovering new things like, turning on the facet in the bathtub, opening the kitchen drawers to find new "toys", or unrolling the toliet paper until there is nothing left on the cardboard roll.  You climb, scoot, lunge, get up on your tip toes, and crawl to get to just about anything and everything you are interested in.  We have completely baby-proofed the house, putting away breakables, covering outlets, closing off doors. 

You love to be outside, we still go on daily walks to the park.  Typically you fall fast asleep in the stroller but sometimes you are awake watching the birds fly overhead or watching the tree branches sway in the wind.  You also go outside with daddy to turn on the sprinklers....if he "forgets" you, you instantly crawl to the front door and bang on it, waiting for him to come back and get you.  You and Daddy also visit the goats in the barn, Daddy can't wait until you are older so he can teach you all he knows about animals. 

You are eating more and more everyday.  We've found that you don't really care for babyfood, you like the real food that mommy and daddy eat.  Your most favorite fruit right now is can eat almost half a banana all by yourself.  We've also been giving you in your mesh feeder, strawberries, grapes, and melon.  You make a mess whenever you eat, so we usually let you eat in just your diaper with a bib.  Then we have to bathe you because you get filthy! We bathe you every other day now,  you still like your baths....sucking on the washcloth, playing with your tubby toys, or banging the plastic bowl against the edge of the tub. 

You have always smiled with your whole face....but now you do something even cuter.  You've learned how to wrinkle your nose and tilt your head while's the cutest thing ever.  We love it.  You always smile at strangers and you love to be tickled and played with.  Your favorite game is peek-a-boo and catch.  You love it when we "chase" you down the hallway.  You also love to be read books, you help turn the pages and you love to touch everything on the page.  You also adore chasing after your balls, you roll them all across the living room, going after them when they stop at their new are learning how to entertian yourself. 

You've taken a new liking to your crib.  Usually mommy or daddy still have to rock you to sleep with a bottle, but lately we've been able to just lay you down and you fall right to sleep.  You also are picking up on little things like you know when you go down the stairs you have to turn around and go down backwards, you also are learning the words "yes" and "no". 

You talk to us all the time.  You usually say "Dada"....sometimes you say "Mama" but Dada is more commonly heard.  You love to "sing" when you hear music from the tv or your toys that make sounds.  We love when you get excited and start bouncing your hands up and down talking with coos.  You have such an easy going fun personality.  I hope it always stays that way! You love everyone you see, and you especially love little kids.  You chased your cousin, Evan, around when we were back following whereever he went because you were just mesmerized by him! :) You also love the little kids you see at the nursery at church.

We are guessing you way 23-24 lbs. and you are getting longer and stronger by the day.  You will get another check-up next month when you are 9 months old.  We are so greatful you are such a healthy and strong baby. 

You have blessed our lives in so many ways, we love you to pieces.  You are our whole world and we will always be here for you as we try to help you navigate through this crazy world we live in.  I pray for you every night that God keeps you safe and healthy and protected.  I pray that he touches your heart just as he has touched and changed mine.  We love you Cash Austin, thanks for making us the proudest parents.

Love you forever and always,

You love to

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I bet y'all think I went back on "vacation" with my lack of blogging lately.  I've been in a bit of a pickle.  I have a to-do list a mile long of stuff we need to complete before our wedding....ya' know all the little details that are going to make it special and unique and the most amazing day of our lives.  Probably all the little things that no one will notice except me and maybe my mother?! All the little details that at times make me want to pull out my hair and throw my hands in the air in anguish.  :)

I've just decided to take on the perspective of "it's all good. go with the flow. take 5 minutes to pick something and just go with it, stop questioning my decisions and what people are going to think. and just do what WE want to do. don't sweat the small stuff" so far it's working pretty's just SOOOO hard not to get overwhelmed by all the amazing ideas out there for decorations, and centerpieces, and flowers, and hair do's, and stationary...ect.  It's hard for someone like me to just make a decision and go with it, when i can't stop gathering ideas because there is always that little thought in the back of my head thinking, well maybe there is something "better" out there.  ugh. i love wedding planning, but BOY is it alot of work.  now i know why people make a living off of being a "wedding planner."

I suppose it also complicates the situation because we are dealing with a TIGHT budget, distance (we live 12 hours away) which makes communication and timing tricky, and our overwhelming indecisiveness, and by our I mean me.  Chance usually just says "yea, uh huh. i like it babe." :)

Anyways, now that i've shared why I haven't been blogging much because my mind has been on overdrive thinking about all the small time consuming details of our wedding. I will stop making excuses and just do a random post!  Oh did I mention...we also haven't had air conditioning all week {the one week we've had a consecutive triple digit heat wave every. single. day.}....they've been here 3 times in the past week and they still haven't fixed it?! haha. okay okay, i promised no more excuses but you can imagine for yourselves....cranky teething baby + over heated momma = major disaster :)

This weekend we are relaxing in our 90 degree house with the fans blowing our brains out.... and all I keep imagining is our honeymoon, being on a beach with a cold drink in my hand, laying next to my husband! {trying to keep positive thoughts running through my sweaty head} by the way, we don't have a beach honeymoon planned at all, but a girl can dream right!?

i'd probably be wearing this little lady from anthropology:

cute huh?! :)

Thanks for listening bloggy friends (if you even made it to the end of this horrible post)
I promise more good fun to read blog stuff will be coming....and if you all would say a prayer our AC get's fixed on Monday I'd sure appreciate it! :)

Hope you all have a relaxing weekend!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


mixin' it up this week, since i'm guilty of rockin' my stay at home momma: wet bun, tank top, shorts, and flip flop summer look.  Which is unfortunatly totally not cute, and not exactly "stylish" if ya' know what I mean! :)

so here's {what I wish I wore} thanks to my new polyvore/pinterest obsession:

and my Judith March obsession:

and just to prove to you I haven't entirely given up WIWW
 here's a "real" life picture from my nugget's baptism last week :)

{that's my sister and brother-in-law on the left, they are expecting a  BABY GIRL in September!}

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


It's official.

I'm obsessed with Jones Design Company.

I'm addicted.

Along with about a million other people.
 I'm so happy I found {via fabulous k} her over 2 years ago when I started
blogging.  She didn't have many "followers" then, but her style was just as impectable as it is today.

Here is her dining room...I'm lusting over. Nothing I would change about it.
I love all the beautiful neutrals working together with pops of green and black accents.
The chandy is drop dead gorgeous. and the table scape is a perfect balance of relaxed elegance.

The one thing I've always been drawn towards is this print.
I wondered where she got it..?!

that was. until I thought well duh, I could make a "look-a-like".
it's just gray circles right?!

{all images found via}

Come visit tomorrow and see my JDC "look-a-like" print!

Happy Tuesday Friends!

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