Wednesday, May 25, 2011

{wiww + room inspiration} week 16

I'm linking up with Lindsey from the Pleated Poppy for another week of outfit inspiration!

Shirt: Dillards
Skinnies: Gap {splurged on some new them!}
Pearl Studs: f21
Freshwater Pearl Bracelets: Me

room and color inspiration:

cardi: f21
Aqua Tank: Old navy
Belt: f21
Peony Pin: my shop
Jeggings: target
Freshwater Pearl Necklaces: me
Watch: gift

room and color inspiration:

B&W stripe shirt: Walmart
Skinnies: Gap
Black Cowboy Boots: Cavenders
Flower pins: me
Peony pin: my shop

room and color inspiration:

Cardi: f21
Tank: hand-me-down from my sister :)
Skinnies: Target
Necklace: New York & Co.
Black Cowboy Boots: Cavenders
Peony Pin: my shop
Flower pin: me
Watch: gifted

room and color inspiration:

We are leaving for a long vacation {aka going home!} excited!
I'm still trying to come to terms with the fact that going home and staying home are two different things, but I think we've finally found a happy middle.  I've officially decided I can't go any longer than two months without seeing our family.  Please say a prayer for us, we have a 12 hour drive in the pick up with a 7 month old baby! We will need it! :)

Hope you all have a beautiful Wednesday!


  1. you rock with your rooms...I love the stripes!


  2. I am so in love with that first shirt! All the outfits are amazing!

  3. I like how you get inspiration from room design! Your hair is gorgeous! :)

  4. I love that you show your inspiration pictures for each outfit. Love the tunic top in the first pic and your stripes!

  5. LOVE the outfits! The flower on the belt in the second outfit looks SO cute!


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