Monday, May 2, 2011


sometimes i like to dream.....

this is my dream house.
{one of many...ya know us dreamers have LOTS of dream houses!}
i'd plop this pretty thing down in the middle of a field and i'd be a happy camper.

i found this via pinterest!

do you pin? do you have a "dream" house?


  1. Very pretty, I like that one too! I have many dream homes too! :)

    I have discovered pinterest! Love it, but I only look, I haven't done my own pinning. My family thinks I spend enough time on the computer blogging! :)

    Take care....Jodi

  2. Hey Jodi! Yes, i also spend way too much time's hard not too, but usually I have to give myself a time-limit so I stay on task! (kind of pathetic, but sometimes the minutes get away from me and before I know it I've spent an hour doing "nothing")Pinterest is great for inspiration...I could spend alot of time looking at all the pretty images there! :)


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