Monday, May 23, 2011


My mom always said "change is a good thing."

I've been a little "un-inspired" about my blog page design.  My background was a free from background fairy. com and well, it just seemed like the right time to change things up. 

I also was getting annoyed at how blogger was cutting off my large pictures. I went to go adjust my settings so my columns were different sizes, but it wouldn't allow me to adjust with the background, so I ended up deleting the background and adjusting my column width so now I can show you BIG pretty images instead of those teeny tiny pictures I was showing you before.  The delima is now that I've deleted my old background, I can't find a new background I love. 

Anyone know of any good resources for blog backgrounds that aren't "cheesy" ?! I'm all ears! :)

Anyways, for now I'm just using a plain ol' white background- even Mr. Cattlebuyer said it was "boring" last night. Not. Good. But I'm not willing to comprise my vision for a cheesy blogger background.

So- bare with me as I change things up around here.  It'll probably be changing often until I find a look I'm happy with! :) I'm thinking grey and white stripes, diagonal stripes, or a chevron pattern perhaps ?!

Thanks for listening as always! I'm leaving you all with a BIG image {it seems my nugget likes pretty flowers just like his momma!} just because I can now! Hope you all have a great Monday!

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