Tuesday, May 10, 2011


something about the casual nature of banquette seating appeals to me.

are you a booth or a table person?

We aren't too particular, but usually resort to a booth since its typically just the two of us and we can throw cash's car seat in the booth with us vs. putting a high chair or sling out in the aisle.

I never thought  I was a "booth" person until I had Cash.  I'm sure eventually we will no longer "fit" in a booth as a family, but for now it works for us.

ever thought of putting a booth/ banquette in your kitchen?
i'm loving the look of it!

Here are some pretty banquettes for you to feast your eyes on:

this style looks so timeless....loving that chandy and the two scones flanking each other in the banquette!

very casual look, loving that chunky black pedestal table + all those pillows!

another beautiful pedestal table paired with some pillows but what really appeals to me are those shelves with the children's artwork! so adorable!

pretty sure i've used this image before....but you know i love me some bold stripes, this looks like a great place for morning coffee!

similar look without a built in bench! i could see an entire family eating and playing games around this table!

love that chippy old white table, and the blue ticking upholstery. 
don't you just want to have a seat and enjoy the sunshine in this corner window banquette?

Hope you all have an inspiring day! Come see me tomorrow for a WIWW post!

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