Tuesday, May 17, 2011

{b&w stripes}

If you've been reading this little blog for a while, you know my current love of stripes. 

thin and subtle or bold and graphic, i can never get enough of them.

I really wanted to make curtians like these I saw on Pinterest......

However, we are living in a rental home with a very slim chance that we will still be living here and year from now.  We have 2 very large windows in our bedroom and by the time I spent a fortune on all the material it would take, I decided I would probably have changed my mind 10x over before it was all said and done. Thus, I opted for doing a smaller b&w stripe project. one that wouldn't cost so much money and could easily be brought with us as we travel in the future.

so I made some throw pillows for our bed...

I think they turned out pretty good for being on a "whim" {most of my projects are this way} I had the black fabric and a ton of the white fabric in my stash. so it was easy peasy, some cutting, some pinning and a hour of sewing later I had two new pillows who found a happy home on our bed.

The ruffle-y pillow is from last year, I followed the ruffle pillow toots online, it was also easy peasy.

Thanks for checking out one of my newest projects {i need to get better about blogging about my stuff} I usually get so bombared with creative ideas online I forget about stuff I have already done and should share with y'all.

Hope you have a great Tuesday, come see me tomorrow for WIWW!

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