Saturday, May 7, 2011

{7 months}

I like to think back 7 months ago, when you came into this world. I rode with your daddy to the hospital, we had our bags packed two weeks prior (like the books say).  I remember happy tears falling from my face as we loaded up the pick up and took one last picture of us outside just as a couple because the next day we would go from couple to family.  We had no idea what we were about to experience, but I had dreamt of this my whole life....I was living my dreams.

You are my big boy these days....Its hard to believe in just one month's time how quickly you have developed into a little boy.  You went from barely rolling over, to rolling, to scooting, to sitting up, to crawling, to pulling up on anything and everything all by yourself in two months time.  It amazes me.  Just 7 months ago you were a innocent newborn baby relying on me and daddy for all your needs.  Now, you happily get the toys out yourself, put your bottle in your own mouth and hold it up proud, you can take off your socks and shoes (usually 2 seconds after we put them on you!), you can get yourself out of your own carseat, and you "talk" to us often and let us know your feelings.  I felt like the first three months of your life flew by, but the next three months flew by even faster, i feel like time will just keep speeding up.  You will keep developing and I be constantly trying to keep up with your little spirited self.  That is why I absolutely love being home with you everyday.  You know me and I know you and that priceless.

At your six month appointment you were 27 1/4" long and 22 lbs 14 oz. which means you are in the 75% for length and the 95% for weight! Dr. Turner says you are going to be a big boy....he thinks you will wear wranglers, boots, and play football in school.  I told him that would sure make your daddy proud (and me too of course!)! 

You now have two little teeth on the bottom of your mouth.  I often times catch you running your tongue along your mouth feeling your new teeth.  I'm sure those feel very wierd to you.  You eat babyfood, formula, and some little snacks like banana puffs and cheerios.  The bottle is still your favorite. 

You are pulling up on anything and everything. It started with the bathtub ledge which you pulled up on a few weeks ago.  You proudly stood there, banging your little hand on the edge with a little toothless smile looking at us.  I can only imagine how great that must be for you, seeing the world at a whole differnt level.  You can stand leaning on something for a long time, its amazing how tiny your little legs are, but how strong they can be!  You've now learned to pull up on everything, it's best if it has a ledge for you to grab on too, but nothing stops you.  You pull up on the sofa, the ottoman, the excersaucer, the walls, the bookshelves, the doors.  We are so proud of you, even if it means you take a few spills in the day.  You are still learning how to come down from your standing position without bonking your sweet little head. 

You also love to crawl now! You are so fast, if me or daddy turn our heads for one second you have completely crawled up the stairs and down the hallway.  You love it when we come "get" you, because you think it's a game and you try to out crawl us....bolting down the hallway only stoping a few times to flip around on your bottom to look to see where we are with a smile on your face.  You are learning to get yourself around the house without mommy or daddy carrying you.  Last night we even let you "follow" us back into the bedroom and you did.  You also discovered the sunroom recently.  You like to sneak in there and pull yourself up on the windows and look out.  I often find you standing there gazing at the trees blowing in the wind or the cattle grazing out in the pasture.  You could stand there forever taking it all in. 

One of my most favorite parts of the day are coming in to get you in the morning.  I always say "goodmorning sunshine" and you always give me a big toothless smile and pull yourself up on the edge waiting for me to come kiss your little cheeks and pick you up.  You are cuddle-ly in the morning and I adore that sweet time with you.  I wish you could wear footie pajamas forever!

We celebrated your first Easter last month, and you loved it.  We dressed you in your sunday best and took you to church, everyone loves you there.  We've been leaving you in the nursery lately because you are getting to squirmy and loud for church service.  You have more fun in the nursery watching all the kids play around you.  We gave you your first Easter Basket, your favorite thing was your plastic eggs, which we still have put away because you like them soo much.  We dump all the eggs around you and you could play for days moving from one egg to the next. 

You are just the sweetest thing ever! I know all mom's say that about there babies, but really you are sweet.  You always know how to make me smile by nuzzling your little head into my sholder, or saying "mamamamama" or clapping your little hand against an object in excitement.  You give me so many good reasons to smile everyday. 

You love to discover new toys, or make things into toys that were never meant to be.  You love crumbling up mommy's old magizines and shaking your bowl of cheerios until a few spill out.  The remote controllers are still one of your favorite "no-nos".

We can't wait to see how much you grow and change in the next 5 months of your first year of life.  But, also enjoying taking in each day of new discoveries for you.  We live in the day trying to absorb everything you do, say, and learn.  Because like I always say, I know these days too will soon be gone and I will want these back.  You can never over-document the past, which is why I take sooooo many pictures of you! I'm sure some people think I'm crazy, I love to see how you've grown and changed so much.  We love you with every ounce of our being.  You were chosen for us, and we cannot wait to see all the plans God has for you in this lifetime.  Thank you this week, for allowing me to celebrate mother's day with you, it is our first together as a family.  There is no greater joy in the world than to be your momma. 

 I never take one day forgranted that I was chosen to be yours, and you where chosen to be mine. I thank God for your precious life and that he will keep you healthy and happy forever.

Love you forever and always,

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  1. He is so cute! Enjoy him while he is little; they grow up so fast. I know everyone says that, but it's really true!

    Happy First Mother's Day to you!



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