Tuesday, May 31, 2011

lauren liess

blog stalker = me

I always start out my day by checking out all my favorite blogs. 

One of my favorites is Lauren Liess Design.
Her work is breathtaking-ly beautiful.

It's women like her that inspire me to dream big. think outside of the box. and to believe in myself.

I love her casual yet sophistacated flair for design. She uses lots of textures and styles to create a look that is truely her own.

{images found via houzz & lauren liess blog}

Monday, May 30, 2011


I found this place called the pillow factory on etsy recently....
I fell head over heels for this little baby:

and this one too:

and maybe this one for my nugget:

are those not the cutest pillows you ever did see?!
She hand cuts and sews all the pillow herself. soooo fun!

chech out her etsy shop here!

*Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day!*

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

{wiww + room inspiration} week 16

I'm linking up with Lindsey from the Pleated Poppy for another week of outfit inspiration!

Shirt: Dillards
Skinnies: Gap {splurged on some new jeans...love them!}
Pearl Studs: f21
Freshwater Pearl Bracelets: Me

room and color inspiration:

cardi: f21
Aqua Tank: Old navy
Belt: f21
Peony Pin: my shop
Jeggings: target
Freshwater Pearl Necklaces: me
Watch: gift

room and color inspiration:

B&W stripe shirt: Walmart
Skinnies: Gap
Black Cowboy Boots: Cavenders
Flower pins: me
Peony pin: my shop

room and color inspiration:

Cardi: f21
Tank: hand-me-down from my sister :)
Skinnies: Target
Necklace: New York & Co.
Black Cowboy Boots: Cavenders
Peony Pin: my shop
Flower pin: me
Watch: gifted

room and color inspiration:

We are leaving for a long vacation {aka going home!} today.....so excited!
I'm still trying to come to terms with the fact that going home and staying home are two different things, but I think we've finally found a happy middle.  I've officially decided I can't go any longer than two months without seeing our family.  Please say a prayer for us, we have a 12 hour drive in the pick up with a 7 month old baby! We will need it! :)

Hope you all have a beautiful Wednesday!

Monday, May 23, 2011


Pinterest is such a time hog, but I love it!

Here is the link to my pinterest ......

{*warning....only click if you have a few hours to spare*}

love those dark floors and the graphic element of the frames with that old church pew.

you know me and barn doors.....obsessed!

 I love all the antiques paired with fresh flowers, pretty pretty!

I love everything, the subway tile, the shelves, the glass jars, the bar stools, the pot rack, the oven hood. I'll take one of everything!


My mom always said "change is a good thing."

I've been a little "un-inspired" about my blog page design.  My background was a free from background fairy. com and well, it just seemed like the right time to change things up. 

I also was getting annoyed at how blogger was cutting off my large pictures. I went to go adjust my settings so my columns were different sizes, but it wouldn't allow me to adjust with the background, so I ended up deleting the background and adjusting my column width so now I can show you BIG pretty images instead of those teeny tiny pictures I was showing you before.  The delima is now that I've deleted my old background, I can't find a new background I love. 

Anyone know of any good resources for blog backgrounds that aren't "cheesy" ?! I'm all ears! :)

Anyways, for now I'm just using a plain ol' white background- even Mr. Cattlebuyer said it was "boring" last night. Not. Good. But I'm not willing to comprise my vision for a cheesy blogger background.

So- bare with me as I change things up around here.  It'll probably be changing often until I find a look I'm happy with! :) I'm thinking grey and white stripes, diagonal stripes, or a chevron pattern perhaps ?!

Thanks for listening as always! I'm leaving you all with a BIG image {it seems my nugget likes pretty flowers just like his momma!} just because I can now! Hope you all have a great Monday!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Happy Sunday Friends!
Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend!

Remember wayyyy back when I wrote out my "wish list" for my birthday?!
Remember when I said I really wanted photoshop for my birthday?!
Remember when I didn't get photoshop?! {i'm not complaining!}

Okay. so you probably don't remember, because honestly who remembers that sort of thing {except myself}
Anyways, I decided to try out the FREE version of photoshop....paint.net

and it works!

it's no photoshop, but it's very similar with nearly identical features....I've been playing around with it all day and I love it!

I'm putting together a bridal shower gift for a friend, and decided to do a "baking" theme. 
I'm putting in her gift a Loaf pan, Spatula, Measuring spoons, a Bread Knife, Baking Mit, and Towel.

I'm tying it all together with one of my most favorite recipes, one that guarantee's success {cuz y'all know my lack of kitchen skills}. 

Using some web graphics and a free download-able font, I designed this simple recipe card for her:

I sure hope she likes all her goodies!

{feel free to save and print the card for yourself}

Friday, May 20, 2011


{my little nugget}

nothing quite like starting off your morning coffee with a naked baby bum! :)

Hope you all have a great Friday!   

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Happy Thursday {mod. grace} lovers!

First of all, thanks for the sweet comments yesterday....I LOVE comments, I read and re-read each and everyone and always appreciate the advice/tips/incouragement.  So thank you!

Today, i'm beaming. not only beaming from your comments, but beaming about exposed beams.
i'm obbsessing over these images below

I love the architectural history, visual interest, and pattern they add to rooms.  All while being functional supports for the structure....bonus! Why cover up a good thing?

Check out these exposed beams....

Hope you have a "beaming-ly" beautiful Thursday! ;)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{wiww+ room inspiration} week 15

15 weeks of outfit inspiration.....some weeks have been better than others. but i'm proud to have made it this long! Thanks to Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy for making all of us momma's be accountable for our outfits, it's made be think outside of the box and try styles and color combinations I would have never tried before. 

white tee: old navy
grey vest thing: von maur
jeans: von maur
belt: f21
 my new turquoise earrings: cowgirl cottage (wearing these for our pictures at the end of the month!)
turquoise wrap bracelet: me
turquoise stretchy bracelets: me

room and color inspiration:

yellow and white sweater: f21
white tank: old navy
cuffed skinnies: gap
aqua pom pom necklace: me
watch: gifted

color and room inspiration:

*disclaimer* these "Capri's" remind me of skater boy shorts, and i got them probably 6 years ago. they probably aren't stylish, but they are comfy and they still fit me, so i'm wearing them! :)

tank: old navy
Capri's: can't remember the name but some boutique in Kansas City
coral necklace: me

color and room inspiration:

dress: f21
mustard cardi: jcpenny
belt: f21
my new necklace: cowgirl cottage (i've had my eye on this baby for a lonnnngg time and finally splurged and got it with my mother's day gift certificate! The picture doesn't do it justice, it's super cute.)

color and room inspiration:

That's all I got for ya this week!

Hope you all have an beautiful Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

{b&w stripes}

If you've been reading this little blog for a while, you know my current love of stripes. 

thin and subtle or bold and graphic, i can never get enough of them.

I really wanted to make curtians like these I saw on Pinterest......

However, we are living in a rental home with a very slim chance that we will still be living here and year from now.  We have 2 very large windows in our bedroom and by the time I spent a fortune on all the material it would take, I decided I would probably have changed my mind 10x over before it was all said and done. Thus, I opted for doing a smaller b&w stripe project. one that wouldn't cost so much money and could easily be brought with us as we travel in the future.

so I made some throw pillows for our bed...

I think they turned out pretty good for being on a "whim" {most of my projects are this way} I had the black fabric and a ton of the white fabric in my stash. so it was easy peasy, some cutting, some pinning and a hour of sewing later I had two new pillows who found a happy home on our bed.

The ruffle-y pillow is from last year, I followed the ruffle pillow toots online, it was also easy peasy.

Thanks for checking out one of my newest projects {i need to get better about blogging about my stuff} I usually get so bombared with creative ideas online I forget about stuff I have already done and should share with y'all.

Hope you have a great Tuesday, come see me tomorrow for WIWW!

Monday, May 16, 2011

{gold lining}

i love little details in rooms.
one of my favorites is lining the inside of drum shades with a color.

like for instance....gold.

the gold lining adds a hint of flash without it appearing "god-dy" or "over-the-top"
Gold often gets a bad reputation....
but this my friends, is a pleasant compromise.


I told you so!

Do you love or loathe gold?


I was totally bummed about blogger DELETING my {gold lining} post and a few of my comments!  How dare them!? I know I'm not alone in my frustration....I heard it happened to many fellow blog friends.  But still.....

Anyways I took the weekend off from blogging and enjoyed it with my boys.  But we are starting a new week, and I have decided to forgive blogger.  :)

I also decided to do some spring cleaning....so here are some of the images i've had saved on the hard drive for months.....aren't these color combinations/rooms gorgeous?!

shades of turquoise with those little silhouettes tucked in the hutch...you know i'm sucker!

the grey + white stripes with the kelly green dresser. love!

the beautiful upholstered headboard stands out in a clean neutral color palate.  I love the slight hint of silvery metallic accents.

aqua + red + black & white stripes.....I die. I adore the bold graphic statement this room makes. This would go gender neutral, not too feminine and not too masculine, perfection.

another aqua + red room.  Love the rustic/modern look of the table, paired with that chunky over sized wood mirror.  Not so sure about the chandy though....a little ahem. weird?

purple+ chartreuse.  Totally unexpected color combination.

again, kelly green+ black and white stripes. I am in LOVE with this look.  I wouldn't even need to go inside, I'd live on this patio if I had it. 

Excellent example of mixing patterns together.  Gigham + stripes....totally works! A little bit preppy, a little bit nautical.

kelly green kitchen with open shelving.  antique refrigerator and checkered floor. white porcelain dishes and an all white chandy.  I can't decide what's my favorite.  i'm digging it all.

What image is your favorite?

Thanks for letting me clean house with y'all hope you had an amazing weekend!
Happy Monday!

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