Tuesday, April 19, 2011

{trad home}

hello...top twenty "new" traditional designers! {you are all my design role models!}

one of my favorites here ....seriously, she is one of my favey-fave.

I love her casual, lived-in, style.  I can only hope to become half as successful as she has become at such a young age. I really think interior designers in their "thirtys" are so inspiring.  Most of them graduated at a prime time, when the economy was "up".  With their hard work, talent, and an eye for design they have all "made it!" I can name a number of successful designers I look up to that are only thirty-something...they are young enough to know what's current in design trends and styles, and yet they still have a fire in their belly to learn more!  Many even own their own successful design businesses....including Erika from Urban Grace Interiors, here are some images of her beautiful work:

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