Thursday, April 21, 2011

{ding dong}

okay. so I'm getting ready this morning.
cash is sleeping out in the living room.
I'm in the back bedroom.

doorbell rings

(our doorbell never ever rings....we live out in the country folks)

so of course i instantly freak out. panic. my mind goes places it shouldn't go....
i start thinking thoughts of a burglar, kidnapper, creep-o sales guy...

i freeze and try to remember if the door is locked....whew, thankfully I remembered  it was!

then i wait for cash to start crying (remember he is sleeping out there)

he doesn't cry. not even a peep.

me still freaked out wondering what the heck is someone doing at our house...tiptoe down the hall to the door (we have glass pained doors...without curtains)  no one is there.

then i start freaking out more, i look out to the driveway no one is there either?

now i begin thinking maybe it was all just a mind game. maybe i didn't hear the doorbell ring after all.

i tiptoe to the backyard, scan the area for any unexpected visitor.

no one.

still puzzled, but thankful my child is still sleeping.  i go back to the front door, thinking this is the weirdest thing ever.

then i think ah-ha. is there any evidence left at the door, and there sat this:

haha. so i guess it was just the mailman ringing the doorbell, but he sure had me fooled!

talk about a TON of special Easter and Birthday cards coming all in one day!

It actually ended up making my day. i LOVE getting fun things in the mail.
unlike the normal bills/credit card applications/junk that comes.

I can't wait to open all these goodies....i'm waiting until Sunday since that is my actual birthday.

that is, if i can wait that long! :)

Happy Thursday Friends!


  1. That sounds like me, it always freaks me out when I hear the door bell, no one comes to our house and we live in town!

    HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! and a Happy Easter.


  2. Thanks Jodi! Happy Easter to you as well! :)

  3. Ha ha! Here's why this is so funny to me. I live in a small town. Just yesterday, this was my Facebook status update:

    "One of the highlights of my week is reading the local police blotter. This week: woman called police because someone rang her doorbell 3 times, but when she looked no one was there. The responding officer pointed out the UPS package on the porch and informed her it was probably the UPS guy. Good work, officer."

    So it could've been worse. You could've called the police! :)

  4. oh're right it could've been worse! :)


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