Friday, April 22, 2011


one my second favorite designers (yes...i know she is also a tv host and i'm sure she has lots of design help..)


Candice Olsen

{okay, i realize not everyone likes her style. i appreciate it....especially compared to some of the other designers on hgtv (blah!)}

i've lived the better part of the last 6 years without cable. so hgtv viewing was not an option....nor was it a priority {i'm not much of a tv, movie watching kind-of-gal.  The last time I went to the theatre was over a year ago on valentine's day. and i have too many ants in my pants to sit and watch tv, i always have something better i'd like to be doing....}

okay. enough rambling.

One of the main features I appreciate about Candice Olsen's design style is that her rooms always
*sparkle*.....have you noticed? check it out!

Sparkle is good in my book, what lady doesn't love sparkle?
Wanna know what her secret weapon is?

(no she doesn't have a magic wand)

She uses lighting designers to help her achieve that sparkling effect.  Proper lighting in a room is not only beneficial to the function of the space, but it also allows the room to have that touch of "sparkle".  Notice how many different types of lighting is used in the above photos.....I can count atleast 3-4 different kinds in each picture! Amazing! huh? How many different types of lighting do you have in your rooms? I would bet most people have 1 maybe 2 different types. 

Try adding a different or an additional source of light in your rooms, even if it's just as small as an accent lamp, or doing something has big as adding overhead can's with a dimmer switch.  Spending money on lighting will only help you to create a space that sparkles!

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