Tuesday, April 19, 2011


After I got Cash down for a nap yesterday, I started frantically sewing....
here's what will be tucked in Cash's little Easter basket this Sunday.

I think he turned out pretty adorable! I thought about putting button eyes on this little fella, but with Cash shoving anything and everything into his mouth these days, I thought again.  To make him a little more "boy" he got a cutie bow tie!

(please excuse my wrinkle-ly background fabric...who has time for ironing when you have a ton of craft projects to be made?!)

and so did this little guy...

I'm planning on sewing up a few more bow ties today, if I can get Cash down for a decent nap.

{here's his special easter basket filled with goodies}

I'm off to go rock my fussy boy, see you tomorrow for What I Wore Wednesday! :)


  1. Your bunny is so cute and I love the little bow tie; I am sure your little guy will love him!! I agree, I wouldn't have put buttons on him either; my daughter was that way too, everything in her mouth.


  2. LOVE your bunny!! So sweet. The blue striped fabric on the ears is such a great touch. And your basket looks super cute, too : )


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