Saturday, April 2, 2011


The Mr. and I took a date night last night and went to the rodeo in Lubbock with some of our friends.
 afterwards we went to a local pizza joint, and then found our way into a college bar
lets just say, i felt like I had a big red sticker on my forehead that read:
college bars = yuck = so lame = stinky = make me feel old
(i totally hate smoking, which is allowed in Lubbock bars....P-U!)

any mom's out there relate?

all in all, it was a fun night, but totally won't be venturing back into any college aged bars anytime soon.

We are now having a low key saturday at home....cinnamon rolls anyone?
and i'm counting my blessings this morning.
life. is. so. good.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

the winner of the chandy drop giveaway is........

ashley wall

Congrats! Email me and tell me which necklace you would like, i'll send it out to ya!

oh yes, I also  linked up my
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  1. Have a great weekend! I can totally relate to the college bar scene; we stay way away. I definately scream MOM esp. since I am old enough to be their Mom. I guess when you get older and you have children your priorities change; Saturdays and cinnamon rolls are much better. :)

    Take care! Jodi

  2. I agree! :) Have a good weekend Jodi!

  3. I can totally relate! Anytime we got out to a place like that (which is VERY rare!) I always freak out about what to wear! ha I ask my husband "does this scream I'm a mom!?!?!" He just laughs! Then I'm afrad I'll be dressed like one of those 50 year olds trying to be 20! It's to stressful...I'd rather stay home and eat cinnamon rolls :)


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