Saturday, April 9, 2011

{bills design board}

here is a master suite design board for my parents i've put together:

The master bedroom was originally two small bedrooms that have been converted into one large master bedroom.  Last summer they took out a window and put in two french doors which lead out on a private balcony over their beautiful lawn. They also recently painted the wall chocolate brown.  They are more "blue" people.....however I'm going to push the envelope and try out green color scheme.  I thought it may be a fun way to go considering the feature of the room is the outdoor balcony.  I invision only hints of green accents with a neutral palate (with lots of textures). Remember the walls are dark so all the lighter colors in furniture and linens will really pop off the background of the walls.  A neutral palate can be quite interesting if you incorporate lots of textures.  Plus, if they ever get tired of the green accents they can switch it out quite easily for a new color!

headboard and footboard (not the bedding!):

accent chair in a bold pattern:

something like this perhaps:

sofa in a natural linen: 
botanical prints:

white bed linens:

simple green accent pillows:

metal mirror:

writing desk:

woven rope rug:

accent pillows

glass urns:

glass table lamps

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