Monday, April 25, 2011


how bout starting off monday with a little before and after?!

lately i've had some serious creative energy building up....
i woke up early last week, just to do some art for myself (which i haven't done since college!)

"free" time during the day is...well....non-existent.  you'd really think being a "stay-at-home" momma would allow you all the free time in the world! (or at least i kinda thought that prior to having a baby!)

i'd just like to make it's a fact, i actually had more "free" time when i was a working girl, than now.  my teething, scooting, pulling up on everything, crawling, sitting at my feet, getting into "no-nos", short napping 6 month old, does not leave much time for this momma to do stuff just for "me".

not that i'm complaining (because i love my current job status!) i'm just sayin....

okay. back on subject.

i've been wanting to transform this typical hob lob clearance frame into something else. the red isn't "me" and the quote was cute, but kinda cheesy. the picture i love....notice the goodlookin' cowboy on the left? yep. he's mine :)

{the before}

so last week, i checked out my craft closet and found some old acrylic paint and some brushes.  i found my inspiration...and away i went!

i got my inspiration from jones design most favorite blogger ever. she did an entire hand painted wallpaper using a template! talk about dedication!

(yes i realize it's not perfect and i didn't follow the jones design instructions exactly (i did a little simpler pattern using the same template)....i got a little "off" at the end. but its still WAYYY better than the before picture! and yes, those are fingerprints on the glass....not only did i not feel like using a ruler, i also didn't feel like cleaning either!)

{the after}

the BEST thing about this project was that it was completely FREE!
i used a free template, old picture frame, and acrylic paints and brushes i already had on hand.

Thanks to jones design company for the constant inspiration!
Happy Monday Friends!

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  1. I'm a brand new follower. I saw your post on TatorTots and Jello and I just love what you did with this frame! What a frame makeover :)


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