Saturday, April 9, 2011

{6 months}

My sweet boy is six months. SIX as in like a half a year ago he was born! I can't believe we are already half way through your first year of has truly gone by so fast.  I am enjoying every second I am with you and am so grateful that I get to be such a big part of your first year of life.

You are so love-able, you are one of those babies that smiles at everyone.  You don't hold back your smiles. you give them freely to any person who looks at you.  Anytime we take you out to church, shopping at stores, on the bike trail, to the coffee shop, always get lots of people commenting about you.  It makes me proud to be your mama.  When you smile, you smile with your whole face....your eyes twinkle, your mouth opens real big, and your chubby cheeks round upward.  I hope you always remember to smile and be a kind person to everyone. 

 You are about 20 lbs. and are growing everyday....your feet are on the edge of hanging out of your car carrier.  which is getting VERY heavy (especially for mommy to carry).  You have your 6 month doctor's appointment at the end of the month.  Last time you were in the 90th percentile for weight and the 60th percentile for length.  We take you to Dr. Turner.  He is a nice ol' cowboy,  with grey hair, wranglers, a button up and a stethoscope.....definitely a "Texas" doctor! :)  You wear size 6-9 month clothing for the most part. 

You have learned so much in the past month.  You are now completely sitting up on your own like a big boy.  You can even get from your tummy to sitting up all by yourself.  When you sit up, you like to play with your toes.....they are your favorite toy! Typically your socks only stay on for half a day because you like to pull them off and put them in your mouth.  You scoot everywhere.  I will put you on one side of the room and you end up on the other side.  You especially love to go after "no no's" like electrical cords, magazines/paper, cell phones, tags, remote controllers, ect.  Mommy has to keep a very close eye on you because you seem to love to find anything besides your toys to play with! Once you see something it only takes you a few seconds to get to it....your eyes get big and you just scoot yourself over to whatever it is.  You only take a few "crawls" and then you get tired and scoot. 

Just in the past week you've been saying "mamamamamama" and "dadadadadada" of course daddy and I love that! (even though you probably aren't saying it to us, we still like it!) Your voice is sweet and we love listening to you "talk" to us.  You are such a happy baby, rarely do you ever fuss or get upset.

Your 1st tooth broke through 2 days ago.  You've been drooling on everything so I knew your little teeth were getting ready to pop up.  You still prefer your bottle although, slowly you are getting used to eating different pears (your favorite), applesauce, oatmeal, and rice cereal.  Mommy gives you frozen cantaloupe which you love! Sometimes you also get ice cubes in your mesh feeder to help soothe your gums. You even ate a few banana puffs yesterday, you just aren't sure what to think of all the different flavors.  You make a funny face every time you eat and you still shiver if something is too tart or sour for your liking.  We got you a high chair in the kitchen, so you love to sit and look at momma while she is cooking and cleaning. 

You love when I kiss your cheeks, as do I.  Your face gets a big smile and sometimes you giggle.  I hope you let me kiss your cheeks for a while.....because I know someday you will not like me kissing your cheeks anymore :).  We get lots of cuddle time during the day, and you like to be rocked in the afternoon.  I rock you until you fall asleep and then I sit there thinking I must be the luckiest momma in the whole world.  There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby.  I am so lucky and privileged to be with you all day everyday.  

I pray you continue to grow and get big and strong.  I pray you know the love we have for you and the even bigger love Jesus has for you.  You are such a joy in our lives, not a day goes by that neither me or daddy don't say how grateful we are for you.    Your personality is precious, we love you with all of our hearts.  Thank you for making us go from just ordinary "people" to your chosen "parents" there is no greater privileged in the world than to be able to call you "ours"! We love you Cash Austin!

Love forever and always,

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