Friday, April 29, 2011


with all royal wedding buzz in the air today....yes, i watched it!
(FYI: kate is GORGEOUS!) you already knew that!

i thought i'd give a little love to great brit

how about a little royal blue for your home?

It's definitely not a "common" color to paint your walls, it's kind of like black.....a little dark and scary. However, if you paint a room with plenty of windows for sunshine and accent with crisp white, this look is totally do-able for any homeowner!

{loving that clean white headboard!}

{the slipcovered wingback chairs are lovely...don't you think?! Also, notice those paneled curtians hung a foot above the windows....this is a great trick because it creates an dramatic illusion, elongates the space, draws your eye upward in the space.}

{a great balance of royal blue and white with a pop of red from those flowers and the stripes in the rug....fabulous!}

{blue walls, with that pretty reflective mirror (i need that mirror!)!}

{this room might be a little too dark for my liking...but that gallery wall is so imperfectly, perfect! and the lighting + bed is such a dramatic look.}

and if royal blue isn't for's a few more pretties:

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

{peony pins}

Please help me welcome one of my newest etsy shop products.....

 {peony pin}

Layers upon layers of stacked ruffle-y flower-y goodness! I chose to "replicate" one of my favorite flowers the peony, only I made these in some fun and popular accent colors for spring and summer.  The peony pin comes in plum, apple, watermelon, mustard, and aqua! Each Peony Pin is hand cut and hand stitched with lots of love. The back of each flower has a small bar pin so you can easily attach it to anything and everything you own....sweaters, hairbands, coats, bags, it would even make a beautiful gift wrap topper!  You could even cluster a group of them together to make an even bigger statement. It's especially great to wear when you need to add a pop of color to any outfit.  Perfect for any age. Each flower is approximately 5" in diameter.

{$7.00 each or 3 for $16.00}
please specify which color/colors you would like!

I'll be listing these either tonight or tomorrow...please email me at moderngracedesigns {at} hotmail {dot} com if you'd like to purchase one before I list them in my shop!

I appreciate your support friends!

Happy Wednesday

{wiww + room inspiration} week 12

Linking up with Lindsey from the Pleated Poppy, for another week of outfit inspiration!

White Tunic: Limited (i love this shirt belted, without a belt i feel like i'm wearing a white bag!)
Jeans: AE
Black Tank: NY & Co.
Flower-y Ribbon Belt (inspired by Lindsey @ the Pleated Poppy...her new bloom belts are a-dor-able!): me
Heels: Dillards
Necklace: Von Maur
Bracelets: Me

room inspiration:

(boring black...trying to elminate buying anything else BLACK, it's definitely my go-to "color")
Black tank: NY & Co.
Black Sweater-thingy: Express
Jeggings: Target
Pearl Necklace: me
Flower Pin: me

room inspiration:

{whoa, sorry for the close up!}
Green tee: Old Navy
Jeans: Von Maur (found these in my closet! Yay, love when I find new old things to wear again!)
Aqua Pom Necklace: me
bracelets: me

room inspiration:

{our easter picture!}

{my sweet little man on his first easter!}

of course we were running out the door for church {as usual}, so no inspiration picture.

My dress is from Macy's and denim jacket is {old} Express :)

Tank: Ross
Grey Cardi: Target
Jeans: Dillards
Aqua Peony Pin: me (new for my etsy store...listing lots of these in different colorways later this week!)
Boyfriend Watch: Birthday Present! (love it!)
stack of bracelets: me

room inspiration:

Blue Tunic: F21
Cuffed Jeggings: Target
Flower-y Ribbon Belt: me
Black Flats: Target
Necklace: me

Don't forget, there is FREE shipping in my Etsy Shop until Mother's Day...check it out! I'll be listing my new Peony Pins, a few new Shady Cases & Chandy Drop Necklaces later this week!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you all have a Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

{built in}

i love me some built in shelves....the best part is the have so many functions.

yes. they are beautiful to look at.
yes. they provide architectural interest.
yes. they will add value to your house.
yes. they add depth to a room.
yes. they provide storage.
yes. they can be in nearly any room of your home.

about the only negative thing I can say about them, is the dust. oh the dust.
ugh. it'd be a chore, but it'd so be worth it!

you can always hire a cleaning lady...right?! ;)


country living




this old home


Happy Tuesday
....don't forget to stop by tomorrow for a little outfit inspiration!

Monday, April 25, 2011


how bout starting off monday with a little before and after?!

lately i've had some serious creative energy building up....
i woke up early last week, just to do some art for myself (which i haven't done since college!)

"free" time during the day is...well....non-existent.  you'd really think being a "stay-at-home" momma would allow you all the free time in the world! (or at least i kinda thought that prior to having a baby!)

i'd just like to make it's a fact, i actually had more "free" time when i was a working girl, than now.  my teething, scooting, pulling up on everything, crawling, sitting at my feet, getting into "no-nos", short napping 6 month old, does not leave much time for this momma to do stuff just for "me".

not that i'm complaining (because i love my current job status!) i'm just sayin....

okay. back on subject.

i've been wanting to transform this typical hob lob clearance frame into something else. the red isn't "me" and the quote was cute, but kinda cheesy. the picture i love....notice the goodlookin' cowboy on the left? yep. he's mine :)

{the before}

so last week, i checked out my craft closet and found some old acrylic paint and some brushes.  i found my inspiration...and away i went!

i got my inspiration from jones design most favorite blogger ever. she did an entire hand painted wallpaper using a template! talk about dedication!

(yes i realize it's not perfect and i didn't follow the jones design instructions exactly (i did a little simpler pattern using the same template)....i got a little "off" at the end. but its still WAYYY better than the before picture! and yes, those are fingerprints on the glass....not only did i not feel like using a ruler, i also didn't feel like cleaning either!)

{the after}

the BEST thing about this project was that it was completely FREE!
i used a free template, old picture frame, and acrylic paints and brushes i already had on hand.

Thanks to jones design company for the constant inspiration!
Happy Monday Friends!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Hope you all have a very Happy Easter Sunday!

Bubs with his first Easter basket this morning

Friday, April 22, 2011


one my second favorite designers (yes...i know she is also a tv host and i'm sure she has lots of design help..)


Candice Olsen

{okay, i realize not everyone likes her style. i appreciate it....especially compared to some of the other designers on hgtv (blah!)}

i've lived the better part of the last 6 years without cable. so hgtv viewing was not an option....nor was it a priority {i'm not much of a tv, movie watching kind-of-gal.  The last time I went to the theatre was over a year ago on valentine's day. and i have too many ants in my pants to sit and watch tv, i always have something better i'd like to be doing....}

okay. enough rambling.

One of the main features I appreciate about Candice Olsen's design style is that her rooms always
*sparkle*.....have you noticed? check it out!

Sparkle is good in my book, what lady doesn't love sparkle?
Wanna know what her secret weapon is?

(no she doesn't have a magic wand)

She uses lighting designers to help her achieve that sparkling effect.  Proper lighting in a room is not only beneficial to the function of the space, but it also allows the room to have that touch of "sparkle".  Notice how many different types of lighting is used in the above photos.....I can count atleast 3-4 different kinds in each picture! Amazing! huh? How many different types of lighting do you have in your rooms? I would bet most people have 1 maybe 2 different types. 

Try adding a different or an additional source of light in your rooms, even if it's just as small as an accent lamp, or doing something has big as adding overhead can's with a dimmer switch.  Spending money on lighting will only help you to create a space that sparkles!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

{ding dong}

okay. so I'm getting ready this morning.
cash is sleeping out in the living room.
I'm in the back bedroom.

doorbell rings

(our doorbell never ever rings....we live out in the country folks)

so of course i instantly freak out. panic. my mind goes places it shouldn't go....
i start thinking thoughts of a burglar, kidnapper, creep-o sales guy...

i freeze and try to remember if the door is locked....whew, thankfully I remembered  it was!

then i wait for cash to start crying (remember he is sleeping out there)

he doesn't cry. not even a peep.

me still freaked out wondering what the heck is someone doing at our house...tiptoe down the hall to the door (we have glass pained doors...without curtains)  no one is there.

then i start freaking out more, i look out to the driveway no one is there either?

now i begin thinking maybe it was all just a mind game. maybe i didn't hear the doorbell ring after all.

i tiptoe to the backyard, scan the area for any unexpected visitor.

no one.

still puzzled, but thankful my child is still sleeping.  i go back to the front door, thinking this is the weirdest thing ever.

then i think ah-ha. is there any evidence left at the door, and there sat this:

haha. so i guess it was just the mailman ringing the doorbell, but he sure had me fooled!

talk about a TON of special Easter and Birthday cards coming all in one day!

It actually ended up making my day. i LOVE getting fun things in the mail.
unlike the normal bills/credit card applications/junk that comes.

I can't wait to open all these goodies....i'm waiting until Sunday since that is my actual birthday.

that is, if i can wait that long! :)

Happy Thursday Friends!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


have y'all checked out wisteria lately?
they carry so many unqiue furniture and accessories...seriously they have something for everyone!
antique, modern, traditional, industrial, asian, country, costal....the list goes on and on.

one thing i'm swooning over is this gesture drawing.
i die.
need this for Cash's room!

{wiww+room inspiration} week 10

Linkin' up with Lindsey from The Pleated's another week of outfit inspiration!

black cardi: gap
teal tank: old navy
skinnies: target
boots: wet seal
violet scarf: traget

outfit inspiration:

yellow and white cardi: f21
white tank: new york and co.
skinnies: target
grey ruffle scarf: me
silver cuff bracelet: gift (from the design ladies in Montana)
earrings: me
ballet flats: old navy

outfit inspiration:

white jacket: hollister (hand me down my little sis)
mustard tee: target
skinnies: target
brown boots: wal mart
grey scarf: kohls
earrings: target

outfit inspiration:

Happy Wednesday Friends!

{FYI: I'm offering free shipping in my etsy shop, enter the code: SHOP14 until May case anyone didn't know, that's MOTHER'S DAY! One of the most important days of the year, as far as I'm concerned! Don't forget to get all the special ladies in your life a little somethin' to show your love!} :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

{trad home} twenty "new" traditional designers! {you are all my design role models!}

one of my favorites here ....seriously, she is one of my favey-fave.

I love her casual, lived-in, style.  I can only hope to become half as successful as she has become at such a young age. I really think interior designers in their "thirtys" are so inspiring.  Most of them graduated at a prime time, when the economy was "up".  With their hard work, talent, and an eye for design they have all "made it!" I can name a number of successful designers I look up to that are only thirty-something...they are young enough to know what's current in design trends and styles, and yet they still have a fire in their belly to learn more!  Many even own their own successful design businesses....including Erika from Urban Grace Interiors, here are some images of her beautiful work:

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