Wednesday, March 23, 2011

{wiww + room inspiration} week 6

Week six?! Wow. WIWW is like boot camp some weeks....and other weeks it's been super easy for me to put outfits together.  I think the hardest thing, is trying to fight the urge to just go out and buy all new clothes (not that that is even an option) it's hard to work with shirts and jeans you've had for years! My old clothes appear "boring" and "blah" sometimes when I'm standing in my closet trying to decide what to wear that day.  I feel like I've worn  many of them a thousand times over.  None of my clothes (besides a few select pieces, which I can probably count on my fingers) are "expensive."  And the few that are labeled "expensive" were probably STILL bought on sale.....

On the flip side, I LOVE a good challenge.  And the past six weeks have really helped me get out of my "rut" thinking I had nothing to wear.  I've looked at my once "old" and "boring" clothes in a different light, seeing potential.  Adding layers, accessories, mixing new with old, has helped me see things differently.  Some of my "old" clothes have new life because I've found pairing them with other things helps them appear "new".  Seeing colors on a large scale {in my inspiration rooms} has helped me put together color combinations I would have never thought of before. 

This is all to say.....I've learned to love getting dressed in the morning.  I love getting inspiration from other women doing the same!  So here's to another week of clothes.... let's remember that underneath all the clothes is a person who wants to feel beautiful, and it's not what you wear, its what you do in the clothes that you wear.  So go out and make a new friend, volunteer your time, hug a stranger, step outside of your box and take a risk,  call a long lost friend, donate your "old" clothes to goodwill, and do something that truely reflects who are on the inside. 

{countdown of previous wiww weeks 5-1}

week 5   week4    week3    week2   week1

black cartigan: target
white tank: new york and co.
ruffle skirt: old navy (my new favorite skirt!)
black boots: cavenders
pink flower pin: me
freshwater pearl necklace: me
handstamped charm necklace: me

room and color inspiration:

brown shirt: the fort
white collared shirt: old navy
skinnies: target
brown boots: kohls
pearl cross necklace: me

color and room inspiration:

Denim jacket: express (very very old)
black and white striped shirt: walmart
grey shorts: american eagle (yay for warm weather!)
flip flops: america eagle
mustard pom necklace: me
pearl stud earrings: f21

room and color inspiration:

st. patty's day! just a hint of green :)
blue tee: hand me down from my sister
green floral long sleeve: the fort
jeans: dillards
flower pin: me
necklace: me

pink cartigan: old navy
grey and white striped tank: old navy
jeggings: target
black cowboy boots: cavenders
purple scarf: target
earrings: von maur

room and color inspiration:

Which outfit is your favorite this week? I'd love to know!

Happy Wednesday!
Come see me again next week! :)


  1. Adorable! I love your cowboy boots!

  2. Super cute outfits. You look great!

  3. Cute!! Love the last outfit, especially those boots!

  4. Love the outfits & the room inspirations! Also so happy for warmer weather. Love the yellow pom necklace!

  5. WOW you are good ! I love the room inspirations. How smart and you look fabulous ! I love the challenge too. Very fun !
    Come follow me back and say hi !

  6. Ok...I'm totally in love with your style! Your outfits are so cute & put together so well! & the room it! Please come help me!!!! Haha!

  7. cute,cute,cute!!! I really love the last outfit! And your boots - love them!!

    Great idea showing the rooms that inspire your wardrobe!!

    Have a great evening!!

  8. Okay, I'm obsessed with your wiww posts. :) You are GOOD. I'm looking around this room right now, and wouldn't have a clue how to take cues from it and create a great outfit. You are amazing! It's hard to pick a favorite because they're all so cute. It's a tie between the St. Paddy's day one (I love green/blue together), the shorts one, or the first one with the fun skirt. I know, not fair to pick three.

    Last week on my wiww post, I said I was done. But you make me want to keep doing it! Hmm. Great job!

  9. Love the ruffle skirt and boots!! Adorable!

  10. Love the pom necklace - you should sell those!

  11. Thanks for all the blog love! Y'all are great! :)


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