Friday, March 11, 2011


Happy Friday Everyone!

First off, I can't believe all the nice comments I got from my wiww post! Thanks for all your sweet words and encouragement!  Sometimes blogging feels like a one-ended conversation with myself, so it's nice to hear back from other side to get feedback, advice, and motivation to keep doing what i'm doing.   

What are you all doing this weekend?
We are hanging out at home, I'm going to work hard on setting up my etsy account (hopefully!)

Have you guys checked out suzie beezie lately? oh my word. i love her.... and i love finding inspiration from her images.  I know i've talked about her before, but i can't help but find myself looking at her images ALL.THE.TIME.

here are some of my favorite creative and colorful images:

Hope whatever you do this weekend, you find a little time to be creative!


  1. Hi Lesley :)

    I am glad you enjoy all those pretty images on the suziebeezie tumblr. I used to just keep a file with magazine tear sheets in it, but it got so big, and this has been easier and nicer for me to maintain for my own inspiration.

    I haven't taken any of the photos on the suziebeezie tumblr myself. (I know you know that, but I always think I should mention it, to be sure.) They're all just found on the Internet, or reposted from other women's tumblr blogs. :)

    I am so happy you are enjoying them, too.

    I do take the photos on my Typepad blog (suziebeezieland), but those are just normal life. :D No stylists. Ha.

    Suzanne (suziebeezie)

  2. Thank you so much for commenting! I love all your tumblr have such a great eye for pretty things! I love going to suziebeezie tumblr and look for inspiration! Keep up the good work! :) {oh p.s. i'm soooo glad you really are a "real" person!}


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