Sunday, March 20, 2011

{spring + mirrors}

Happy first day of Spring!

Today is completely gorgeous and yesterday we had our first thunderstorm since we moved to Texas, talk about a welcoming into Spring.  The grass is getting a little greener by the day, the tree's are blooming, and the daffodils are popping up in our yard.  Praise Jesus!  One of my most favoritest things about Spring is the sunlight.  I love the long days of sunshine.  I love being able to go for walks with chance in the evening, rather than it being pitch dark by 5 pm. 

I love our house here in Texas, we have multiple windows in nearly every room.  Big windows.  When we used to live in our little apartment I was thankful we had a couple windows but unfortunately we only had sunlight in the morning and not the evenings...i despised how dark it was in the evenings.   

One of the best design tricks I've learned over the years is the blessing of adding mirrors to rooms.  They are a key item to put in a particularly small or dark room....or any room for that matter!  Hang them opposite a window and they bounce light around the room and double your sunshine.  It's like adding another window to your house without any demolition or $$$$....what could be better? Natural light adds sparkle and makes the room feel larger.  Talk about a lot of bang for your buck! They are generally fairly inexpensive.....and if you find a large mirror that you can't afford, don't forget many times you can get the same "feel" by using a couple small mirrors grouped together verses one large mirror.

Here are some of my favorite mirrors and mirror applications...go buy a mirror and see the instant difference it'll make in your rooms!

{FYI: I've extended the giveaway until Wednesday.....since I realized I had the comment section limited to only bloggers at first.  I'll announce the winner of the ruffle scarf on Tuesday!  Thanks to all who left comments, they all made me smile! :) }

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