Monday, March 28, 2011


do any of you mommas out there have sophie the giraffe for your babies?
if sophie.

we actually call her "sophie girl" at our house.


We got Cash his very own sophie, and he LOVES her! She is just the perfect size for his little fingers, and he squeals in delight when she makes her squeaky sound. He held her nearly the entire first day we got her, i wanted to get him one a long time ago, but with a price tag of $22.00 for a piece of rubber i nearly flipped out! Chance and I weren't sold. But we finally decided to "splurge" a couple weeks ago and give it a shot since he has been chewing on everything within a 1 ft radius of himself! So glad we broke down and got sophie for him....he loves her.


  1. Your little guy is so cute and so is the giraffe! I have never seen one before, but she is cute! :)

    Take care...Jodi


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